I work with ambitious, professional women who feel called to make a difference - women who want to find their authentic voice, embody feminine power and make a greater impact with their lives and work.

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I work with forward-thinking companies who value their female employees and want hire, retain and grow women in leadership.  

I design and deliver engaging learning experiences and create peer mentorship groups for women. 



What inspires my work: 


Women are hearing the wake up call. 

It starts with a feeling deep within that something isn't "right," and something else is missing.  

Too many of us are lost, exhausted, unclear or unsatisfied...

We can feel the effects of being deeply disconnected from each other, ourselves and our true nature.  

Something needs to shift - within us and in the business environment - if we are to feel truly engaged and fulfilled in our careers.


What is within us creates the world outside of us.  This is the power of one woman.

But the secret is that we cannot create the changes we need to see on our own.  

Our power is amplified in the collective.


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FOLLOW me on Medium!



Listen to my interview with Ashley Asti on feminine leadership, sisterhood, sensuality and rising as awakening women.