Women's Circles

Do you desire a real, authentic connection with the women in your life?

Do you wish to dissolve feelings of competition and fall into deep trust and understanding? 


Whether it's a gathering at a retreat, co-workers, an industry organization, or just some girlfriends, I work with all types of groups of women who desire to deepen their connection and embrace a new way of being and empowering one another. 

Women have been gathering in circles for centuries.  Over time, we have forgotten the art of coming together as women in this way.  Modern science now points to the physiological health benefits of women spending time with each other. 

Today, we see a revival of Women's Circles as a clear path to healing, empowerment, community-building and deep personal fulfillment. 


Kiki is trained and experienced in leading Women's Circles in both spiritual and professional contexts. 


Contact her to request facilitating a Women's Circle for your group!