Sensual Self-Care 

{Feminine Secrets for Radiant Beauty}

A 5-day virtual retreat


Are you stressed, overwhelmed or ungrounded?

Is it rare for you to find time to take care of yourself? 

Do you feel disconnected from your body or your femininity? 


You are not alone. 

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I spent years of chasing the image of "hot," successful and likable, constantly pushing myself to exhaustion until I had an awakening moment.  I realized I AM A WOMAN, and I had been living like a man.  I was completely out of touch with my femininity, my body and my sensuality, leading to all kinds of unhealthy thinking and a secret over eating & exercising disorder. 

I learned that the way women need to take care of ourselves is very different than we are taught, and radiant health and beauty is about so much more than diet + exercise.   

Sensual Self-Care is a 5-day, mind-body-soul virtual retreat that walks you through 5 essential steps that you need to know & practice as a woman to reclaim your radiance & feel glowing.

I consider this the starter kit for getting in touch with your feminine superpowers that live in the body.  


If you're tired of living life from the shoulders up, being stuck in your head, and want to learn how to embody the type of presence that turns heads - then Sensual Self-Care is the perfect place to start! 


What you get: 

  • 5 Instructional Videos 
  • 5 Playbook PDF guides with journaling prompts
  • 5 days of email motivation & inspiration
  • Downloadable guided meditation
  • Feminine embodiment practice
  • Phone screen saver


  • Food Blessing to bring ritual into your eating habits and shift your relationship with food



Download the Welcome Package now for FREE!