Hey girl! 

I've been feeling you lately.


You are a smart, ambitious woman who feels called to make an impact.  

You want to be seen as a leader and inspire positive change in the world.

Ultimately, you want to feel good about who you are and what you do.


This probably means...

You've been working hard your whole life to be successful and get the job done right.  

You've learned that in order to get ahead, you have to make sacrifices and make other people happy along the way. 

You probably put a lot of pressure on yourself and hold yourself to a standard of perfection.

And you've given a lot of your time and energy to others at the expense of your health, creativity or fulfillment.


So you're struggling with...

  •  feeling burnt out, checked out, unfulfilled... lost, stuck, trapped... 

  •  balancing cycles of stress/over-working and then using food, alcohol or guys to cope and escape.  

  •  feeling disconnected from yourself, your passion and your higher purpose.

  •  doubting yourself or your ability to be a powerful leader.

  •  feeling unclear about your direction.  


What's really going on: 

You have already arrived at some level of success, but now you're questioning things.

You are finally admitting that you are unsatisfied, something isn't working, and you're ready for a change.

You have been doing some work on yourself, and now you're craving deeper relationships and a more meaningful career. 

You have lost touch with who you are and what you want. 


Luckily, however fleeting, there are those moments when time stands still, you feel so alive and free that it reminds you of your true nature... and what you long for. 


This is your wild, feminine soul longing to be expressed. 


What you really want is...

  • to feel healthy, balanced, passionate and motivated. 

  • to feel a sense of inner peace and connection to your higher purpose in life.  

  • the clarity on the next steps to create a life and career that fulfill you.

  • the confidence to take risks and stand up for what you believe in.  

  • a powerful magnetic presence that attracts the right opportunities and love into your life.

  • to inspire people through who you are and what you do.

  • a community of open-hearted, like-minded women who will support and encourage you to become the greatest version of yourself. 


Sound familiar?

Then you are invited to join me in


 As a group we will dive deep into the heart of what makes you a satisfied, magnetic woman and inspiring, feminine leader.

This is for you if: 

  • You are willing to be honest with yourself and desire change.

  • You are ready to stop sacrificing yourself and your health to get ahead and be liked.  

  • You need to get your shit together but you know you need help "figuring it out."

  • You are seeking a community of women in a similar place on their professional + spiritual journeys. 

  • You want to feel beautiful, alive, passionate, creative and free.


A Personal Invitation

from my heart to yours to join me in this special pilot program:


Intention and Approach: 

Unearthed is intentionally created to help you design your lifestyle and vision for your career from the inside-out.  I like to take a soulful + real-talk approach, guiding you to tap into your sensual, creative feminine nature + build the peace, clarity and confidence to take graceful action in times of uncertainty.  


Together, we are going to unearth the treasure within you - the true beauty of who you are - and liberate the leader within. 

Together, we will REDEFINE health, success, leadership, beauty and what it means to be a powerful woman. 


Think of this program like a soulful accelerator for you on your unique path towards realizing your highest potential.  I am sharing with you in 6 weeks what took me years to learn through self-exploration, training, meditation, mistakes and overcoming my own blocks and obstacles.  

The goal is to get you in alignment with your soul's true calling.  

Otherwise you end up fighting a ton of resistance along the way trying to "figure it out."  


The Journey: 

Week 1 : Come Home to Yourself

  • reclaim yourself / meet your higher self / design your perfect morning ritual / find peace + trust in the unknown

  • group detox / creating sacred space for yourself and the program

Week 2 : Clear the Way for Your Desires

  • reclaim your desires / radical honesty / get real about what's not working / get clear on what you really want

Week 3 : Body + Beauty + Self-Care

  • cultivate magnetic feminine energy + presence / feminine self-care / adornment / pleasure / boundaries / protection / permission

  • redefine health / lifestyle design to support your balance + wellbeing + creativity

Week 4 : Let Go of the Past

  • honor and own your story / let go of the past / face and let go of limiting beliefs + fears

  • release what's keeping you stuck / uncover how your journey informs your gifts to the world 

Week 5 : Clarify Your Calling

  • redefine success / purpose / passion / vision / step into you power to lead + inspire

  • your personal brand / craft an aligned offering / plan of action + next steps


Week 6 : Feminine Sexuality with Special Guest Ashly Wolf

  • learn ancient yoga + embodiment secrets / reclaim and unlock your deepest feminine power

  • tap into your sexual energy to become more satisfied, creative, confident and magnetic as a woman + leader

Week 7 : Liberate Your Voice

  • self-expression / share your truth  / communicate your message with confidence / take aligned action towards your 

  • redefine leadership / craft your personal mantra / mission statement / words to live by


+ Intimate Day Retreat : Embodiment + Celebration in Sisterhood

  • yoga / dance / singing / nourishment / love / ritual / ceremony / women's circle 

  • embodiment practices to FEEL your beauty and own your power in your body / practice speaking / share your vision

  • be fully seen and heard in a sacred gathering with your sisters

  • (Held in SF/Bay Area. Optional but highly recommended!)



Six Monday evenings 7-8pm PST

October 26   November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30  December 7

Weekend Retreat 12/5-6  in Calistoga, CA


What's Included: 

(7) Live Video Calls

  • We will meet once/week we will meet virtually.  I will cover content and Q&A on the calls which will be recorded, so if you need to miss one, that's totally cool.  You'll have access to the recording to watch at your convenience. 

Worksheets + Deepening Practices for Each Week 

  • Each week, you will receive a link to additional resources to keep you focused and on track throughout the journey - done-for-you worksheets with notes on the content, prompts for reflection, guided meditations, and inspirational videos.

Live Day Retreat in SF/Bay Area

  • A beautiful day retreat and ceremony designed specifically for the women in the program.  You will join together in circle, move our bodies, sing, engage guided discussions, receive the nourishment of connection and step fully into our power to create our future in the presence of our sisters.  

Private Facebook Group

  • You will receive ongoing support and inspiration through the secret Facebook group.  This is a sacred space to gather, connect and share between the calls. 


  • Doing this type of work in community with women you can call sisters is priceless, and the connections you make here will last for a lifetime.  This also gives you built-in, gentle accountability and a group of women who see your highest potential. 


Bonus: (1) Private One-on-One Coaching Session with Kiki 

  • You will have the opportunity to schedule one private session with Kiki for any time through November 2015.  On this intimate call, we can dive deeper into the areas that you need more personal love and attention.


What you will get out of this:

Guidance, wisdom, practices, permission and accountability to: 

(the vibe, structure and side-effects)


-explore who you are becoming

-a safe space to relax and be yourself

- learn how to listen to yourself and your intuition

-get unstuck, stop feeling lost or helpless

-stop spinning your wheels and trying to "figure it out" all alone 

-cultivate peace of mind + trust in times of uncertainty

-connect deeply with a group of women who see your highest potential... experience sisterhood

-move towards your best life in alignment with your soul

-infuse everyday moments with meaning, beauty and magic

-freedom to be real, fearless and fully self-expressed!

-lifetime friendships with women you can call sisters

(the nitty gritty work)


-give your mind, body + soul the exquisite self-care you need to feel balanced, energized and beautiful

-know and nurture your sources of creativity + inspiration (to inspire yourself)

-release the self-doubt/guilt/shame/limitations/identities that hold you back

-get CLEAR on what you want and your vision for your ideal lifestyle + career

-identify your unique purpose/passion/calling/mission

- embody + share your ideas/beliefs/philosophies

-create a graceful PLAN of action to move towards your vision




If this genuinely calls to you, please schedule a quick call with me so we can explore if it's a fit together! 


Are you ready to break free of the boxes you have built around you through your aspirations and identities?

Are you ready to channel your ambition into what makes you come alive

Your life is sacred... How are you going to spend your time here?

Who are you called to be?  What are you called to do?


Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 7.26.03 AM.png

Why join me now?

It is up to you to fix what's not working for you. 

It is up us to embody a NEW WAY of living and leading that promotes the wellbeing, desires and expression of what lies in the hearts of women.  


There is a bonafide movement happening.

You are not alone.

Many women all over the world have reached success and status, but secretly (or not so secretly) we feel like our souls are dying. 

We look around and we don't see people or opportunities that make us feel inspired or excited. 

When we admit to ourselves that we are unhappy, unfulfilled, not where we want to be, only then can we can start to move towards something different. But we need a safe space to express what is real for us, our stories, experiences, dreams and desires. 

Women are realizing we want something different. We want to feel different. 

We don't want to have to "be like the guys" to get ahead. 

We know old way of living, working, creating, relating... "making it happen..." does not work for us. 

We want to feel safe to be ourselves, to be feminine.  

We want to feel peaceful, beautiful, passionate, creative and free.

We want to feel good and be a force for good.



I see a lot of myself in you.  In fact, this is my story too...

I know the struggle is real because I've been there.  A few years ago, I was exhausted, working 80+ hours/week, struggling with an over-eating disorder, escaping with partying, using diet pills to keep going... stuck in cycles of strict rules, deprivation and over-indulging. I had lost myself. 

I realized that I had sacrificed my health, happiness, femininity, creativity and my dreams out of fear of failure, and because I didn't know what I was passionate about or how to turn that into a business.  I realized that I didn't have strong female role models, so I was trying to get ahead by doing it like the guys, and I was really good at powering through and working long hours.

Then I realized I was disconnected from my feminine essence, my sensuality, my sexuality, my creativity...

How could I ever expect to be truly happy, fulfilled and in love if I was disconnected from the essence of who I am? 

It was my wild, feminine soul me calling me towards something greater.  Amidst my unhappiness, I was seeking out answers and deepening my spiritual practices.  For years, I have traveled, worked and trained extensively in an effort to feel peaceful, inspired, beautiful and alive every day. 

I have been waiting to share with you all the secrets, tools and wisdom I have gained and practiced along the way.  This is the what gave me the courage to leave my soul-sucking job, discover my passion and innate creativity to start a business that aligns with my true purpose.  I healed my eating disorder and have come to a place where I feel beautiful in my body with sustained clarity and energy.  I am never preoccupied about food.  I feel more like myself then I ever before.  I have found my voice for change and perhaps most of all, I trust myself above anything else.  I feel comfortable in my skin, confident to be fully seen, heard... and to serve.


My core values that I bring to you as your guide:

Freedom - Self-expression - Sensuality - Spirituality - Sisterhood - Beauty - Power


I believe... 

The true beauty of who you are lies in your unique expression of life. 

Liberated women are the leaders of the future. 

The world needs what women want. 

And I am here to help you get what you want. 


This is truly a gift I cannot wait to share from my heart to yours!

**Because I am offering this particular program as a pilot, the investment is significantly less than it will be when offered again later.  In exchange, I will be requesting and capturing your feedback throughout the course and at the end.  To ensure the quality of the program and experience, it is important that I personally connect with the women who are interested in joining.** 

With a wild heart and the highest vision of you in mind,