Upcoming Events


Body + Soul  // yoga, meditation and dance

2nd Sundays at The Center SF

Body + Soul is the Second Sunday of each month, for those who identify as women, combining yoga, meditation and dance. 

The experience is a designed to release stress and form deeper connections to our physical body, subtle body and build confidence to express ourselves more fully.  Women's circle / ritual elements are used to create intentional conversation and unity amongst a community of evolving women.

Yoga and guided meditation prepares you for free dancing with the lights off, candles lit and music loud. This energizing practice gives you a sense of clarity, calm and confidence to fully inhabit your body - your presence - and exude the intangible qualities of female magnetism and radiance. 

Body & Soul Ritual is ultimately about deep connection, self-expression and power, so that you feel more at ease in your skin, alive in your spirit and supported in sisterhood. 

"I want to create an army of women who have an embodied sense of their own divinity that they can carry with them wherever they go." - Kiki

Real Talk Salon // connection + conversation in the hot tub

at The Battery SF 

Real Talk Salon is a special evening for Battery women and their female guests to gather in the revitalizing and intimate setting of the Spa hot tub. Unlike a traditional panel, Real Talk Salon is an encouraging community and collective conversation where every woman has a seat at the table and her voice is heard. In the post-March era, we are seeing a revival of clubs and spaces that allow women to connect authentically, learn from one another and deepen relationships beyond surface-level ‘networking.’ Real Talk Salon seeks to strengthen the power of community for women at The Battery.

Our host, Kiki Federico, draws from 18th century French salons, where women had considerable influence as curators and mediators, guiding the conversations that shaped the cultural narratives of the times. Here, women could exchange ideas, receive feedback and engage in intellectual discourse otherwise reserved for men. Women will be encouraged to feel at ease in their bodies and share their stories, wisdom, opinions and ideas in a bubbling banter that is sure to stimulate the mind and feed the soul.