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Ritual Movement (yoga + dance + women's circle)

Kiki believes that the strongest cultures and communities (and what we are desperately craving) are those in which women are celebrated, empowered and free to express themselves. 

In this women-only class, we will get a chance to explore our bodies from the inside-out, combining structured movements rooted in yoga with the freedom of dance.  

We will open and close with an intimate women's circle, group discussion and time for connection. 

The modern, sensual and enlivening playlist will help to bring out the part of you that is craving to feel free in your body.  You will learn new ways of moving to help you embody a greater sense of confidence, ease, and strengthen your intuition.  The guided conversation will give you a safe space to be heard and spark your creativity. 

You will leave feeling liberated, fulfilled and confident with a few new friends you can call sisters.

In this class, I Kiki is channeling two of her more famous role models, Beyonce + Marianne Williamson to bring a sexy, playful and soulful vibe to the evening's class.  Yeah! 

Come join us! 

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