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Body & Soul - Beyonce Edition ("Whole Lotta Woman")

Yoga // Music // Ritual// Dance Party    (Ladies only!)


Body & Soul is a monthly gathering and an event presented by Ritual Uprising : Amplifying the Urban Awakening.

This month on 5/15!  Beyoncé edition with the theme :  

"Whole Lotta Woman" - A woman's journey to wholeness.   

The evening will be a celebration of the story of women, all the times we have thought we are "too much," and SHE WHO CANNOT BE CONTAINED.

We are bringing back our Artist in Residence, Adrienne Shamszad as a guest performer along with Nina Grae. 

Drinks + chocolate treats by Elevation Eating!

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The intention behind Body & Soul is for women to come together in sisterhood, feel liberated, express themselves and embody their divine feminine power. 


Our modern lifestyle has disconnected us from the ancient wisdom of our body and soul. Luckily, women are waking up... We want to feel radiantly alive in our bodies, connected to our spirit and and a community of like-minded women who will lift us up. 

"Wild and refined, together we rise."


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