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Living Future Conference 2015, Seattle

Living Future is the forum for leading minds in the green building movement seeking solutions to the most daunting global issues of our time. Out-of-the-ordinary learning and networking formats provide innovative design strategies, cutting-edge technical information and the inspiration needed to achieve significant progress toward a truly Living Future.

The time for “Do less harm” has passed. It’s time for the beginning of being; the beginning of a Living Future. Join us next April for Living Future 2015. We’ll explore a genuine sense of place and community as the bellwether of truly restorative design.


On Thursday, April 2, Kiki will be speaking on a panel regarding women's roles at all levels in sustainability.  See a link to the program schedule here

There are less than 1000 carbon-neutral buildings. Are architects being taught enough to design for carbon-neutrality? What are the barriers stopping us? What are the strengths that can accelerate aspirational sustainability outcomes?

This interactive, inclusive, session will draw on data from a national survey of architects testing design knowledge of energy-reducing strategies, uncovering surprising relationships between gender, age, and sustainability. We will look at systemic issues in modern culture as they relate to gender in our industry and communities. We will touch on data about women in technology, developing countries, and personal experiences of female architects, engineers, and social-change makers.

Kiki Federico is a Transformational Women’s Leadership Coach.

Her work is guided by her personal anthem, “The world needs what women want.” She brings 6 years of experience in construction technology and sustainability, a top salesperson at Siemens, and former Board Member for the AEC Hackathon. Her time in the built-environment inspired her to co-create WomenEmpower, a grassroots organization where women in the industry find true community and empower each other in their collective professional purpose. She now works with women directly and in Circles to clarify their desires, move beyond limiting beliefs, and step fearlessly into their roles as leaders.