Have you been questioning things lately?

Are you ready for the next level?

Do you want success on your own terms?

Do you want a lifestyle that supports your well-being?

Do you feel called to be a leader and make things better for others? 


Welcome to ELEVATED IMPACT, a guided coaching and mentorship program for women who want to do good and feel good


This is for you if... 

You are an ambitious woman who wants to make a difference. 

You work in a male-dominated industry and feel disempowered in the workplace. 

You work with a lot of women and want to help change the dynamic from competitive to connected. 

Even though you want to make things better, sometimes you wonder if it's worth the fight.

You feel constantly stressed, overwhelmed and sometimes question whether you are "cut out" for this.

You want to take better care of yourself so you feel more balanced, clear and confident. 

You are ready to elevate your mindset and lifestyle to reflect the person you really want to be. 

You know you are here to do bigger things, but you don't see a path forward that feels right. 

You've been waiting for the right support to help you "figure it out."


A Feminine Approach:

Girl, I totally get it... I spent years sacrificing myself, my health and my dreams until I found a better way... 

I'm here to tell you that you don't have to give up on your life in order to get ahead.  


You don't have to quit your job to be happy. 

You DO need to get to know yourself, what you want and how to communicate to win respect.

You do have to be honest with yourself and be willing to change. 

And the beauty is that, when you change, the world around you changes to match who you are becoming.  

You stop pushing so hard and start attracting the things you really want with ease.

And this is the feminine way. 


Together at last...

combine for your success and well-being

because you can have both when you live + lead like a balanced woman. 

Because, let's face it... It's not all about work, and it's not all about life.  

In the digital age are weaving the two together. 


But we need a new mindset and new tools to be able to integrate and balance our lives.

Thankfully, we don't need to prove the value of having women in leadership roles anymore.

But we do need to create more supportive, empowering and fulfilling cultures and communities for women. 

So we need women like you to be the new role models, the new leaders, showing other women what's possible.

We need to get together, share our experiences, and respect and invest in ourselves.


Why a feminine approach? 

I know how hard it can be when you don't have women you admire to mentor and guide you.  

I know all about the pressure to prove yourself, push through and just 'be more aggressive' to win respect.

I also know you are never going to get what you truly want if you are just trying to 'keep up' with the boys. 

Which is why Elevated Impact teaches you how to embrace and work with your feminine strengths.  

What women do naturally is exactly what companies and communities need most at this time in our history.

And in order to live your best life and become an inspiring leader, you must feel comfortable and confident to be who you are without apology.

A feminine approach is needed in order to build a lifestyle and career that helps us sustain balance. 

"I realized that women are lacking the tools, wisdom and mentorship required to gracefully navigate the pressures of modern life.  Somehow, 'they' don't teach us - at home, at school, in churches or at our jobs - what it means to be a woman and how to harness our true power.  It is my duty and my honor to spread this knowledge to women who are here to shape our collective future."  - Kiki

Elevated Impact

is a BODY + MIND + SOUL program with

structured content + intimate one-on-one attention

designed to help you

overcome the inner blocks to feeling comfortable and confident in who you are as a rising leader

+ help you clarify your strengths, vision, and message to influence positive change.



The Journey: 

Know yourself.  

Find your balance.

Express your voice.  

Connect to your people.

Spread the love.

Influence change...


The Program: 

This 90-day program requires about 2-hours each week, alternating weekly between guided content modules to be completed at your own pace and one-on-one coaching calls.  





Here's what you can look forward to covering on our journey together:


In this week we will spend some time getting to know each other.

You'll get to learn about my philosophy and some eye-opening paradigms that will bring us together in thinking & in spirit to prepare for our journey. 

Each week you will receive new, juicy content module with audio, video or downloadable action guides to complete at your own pace, as it fits in your busy schedule.  

Each module is followed by an intimate, 60 minute one-on-one coaching call with me to ask questions, deepen your experience and further integrate the content through

  • transformational coaching
  • discussion and reflection
  • guided meditations and visualizations
  • writing exercises
  • practices and rituals

week 2.jpg


  • Expand your perspective and the lens through which you see the world to feel supported by forces that are way bigger than you. 
  • Stop putting pressure on yourself to control everything or figure everything out. 
  • Stop being ruled by that voice in your head. 
  • Learn to let go and trust. 


  • Stop fighting yourself and embrace yourself exactly where you are. 
  • Understand the value the ups and the downs to navigate change with more acceptance & ease. 


Screenshot 2015-07-27 22.19.04.png


  • Find your work/life balance for good. 
  • Create a self-care routine that works for you as a woman.
  • Discover the ways your lifestyle is sabotaging your health & keeping you overweight.
  • Embody & exude the right energy to attract a real man.


  • Learn the #1 Feminine Superpower.
  • Get out of your head & feel good in your body.
  • Communicate & influence without doing a thing.
  • Make clearer & quicker decisions by learning to trust your intuition. 
week 4.jpg

week 6.jpg


  • Use your #1 Feminine Superpower to attract what you want with ease.
  • Align your lifestyle with your values and the truth of who you are so you can stop waiting and start feeling happy & satisfied right now.


  • Release the grip of your past on who you are becoming. 
  • Banish fear, negative thinking and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Transform your greatest challenges into your greatest gifts. 


  • Get to the core of who you are, what you stand for & want to create, change or impact in the world. 
  • Crystallize your vision (your big why) so you can stop holding yourself back and start inspiring. 
  • Clarify your message so you can communicate with passion and confidence. 


  • Get to know your authentic leadership style to feel comfortable to be yourself in a leadership role.
  • Leverage your natural, feminine gifts & strengths to do more of what you love and what you're good at. 
  • Learn how to communicate to connect & motivate.
week 10.jpg

week 10..jpg


At this point, you're feeling confident, connected, supported and respected for not only what you have been called to do in the world but for who you are.  

Just as important as doing the work, is taking time to celebrate yourself and your progress.  At the end of the program, we will have time to look back at just how far you've come!

During this 60-minute one-on-one call, we will take some special time to honor your transformation and map out next steps to continue to radiate your true self through your voice and vision. 


Wild love, 




  • Turn competition into connection and build your Power Posse of like-minded women you can call sisters. 
  •  Learn how to ask for and receive support in ways that are empowering others.
  • Feel the excitement & fulfillment of taking action and sharing your vision with a community you trust. 



  • Infuse intention & meaning into your work, goals, and structure.
  • Create trust, respect & connection within your circles of friends and co-workers. 
  • Bring more focus, commitment & engagement into meetings, gatherings and your routine.
  • Feel more grounded & connected to your work. 
week 12.jpg



The Results: 


  • Reduce stress and BALANCE your work-life so you can start FEELING GOOD in your BODY... right NOW.

  • Break free from negative, critical thinking & SELF-DOUBT that is holding you back & keeping you stuck.

  • Stop over-committing and other habits that affect your peace-of-mind and physical health. 

  • Break free from destructive habits that are keeping you over-committed and hiding your true brilliance.

  • Create TIME + SPACE for rest, reflection, SELF-CARE, CREATIVITY and personal GROWTH. 

  • Cultivate PRESENCE and FLOW peacefully and gracefully through the daily challenges of life and work. 



  • Trust your INTUITION, IDEAS and ABILITY to lead and delegate.

  • Get clear on what you truly DESIRE, what you are PASSIONATE about and what you're naturally good at. 

  • Express your unique VOICE in a COMMUNICATION STYLE that is RESPECTED and so you feel heard,

  • Crystallize and share your VISION, so you can expand your INFLUENCE and IMPACT POSITIVE CHANGE.

  • CONNECT with like-minded women (or men!) who will SUPPORT you and your vision.



  • Embody a LEADERSHIP STYLE that is AUTHENTIC to the REAL you and your FEMININE strengths. 

  • ATTRACT and CREATE new opportunities for yourself and others to fulfill their potential.

  • IMPACT & INSPIRE POSITIVE CHANGE for yourself, others and the planet in your unique way. 

  • See your unique PATH FORWARD that ALIGNS with your VALUES and who you are becoming.



Calling all change-makers, thought-leaders and trail-blazers!

Do you want to feel balanced & confident as a woman? 

Do you feel called to live the meaningful, fulfilling life you really want?

Are you ready to start attracting more opportunities and people to you and your ideas?

Is there something telling you "this just feels right"?  


If so, then let's talk!


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