ELEMENTAL opens march 8!

Hey girl!  I am so happy that you are here, and I feel you.

You are a professional, ambitious woman who wants to succeed. 

You know how to work hard and give a lot of yourself all that you do. 

But you have been feeling tired, stuck, unhappy... disconnected from your work or the people around you.  

Something hasn't felt quite "right."  It's making you question things... and you know something needs to change.

You don't just want balance...  You want a sustainable career and lifestyle. 

You don't just want to be healthy...  You want to feel alive and connected to your body. 

 You don't just want to be successful... You want to feel fulfilled and have a sense of purpose.  

You don't just want inner peace... 

You want the CLARITY and CONFIDENCE to EXPRESS YOURSELF authentically and take the next step on YOUR PATH. 

Girl, I get it.  I've been there...

And I want to guide you home to your Self so that you can be deeply empowered to create the life that you really want.



You should know:

You are not alone.  You don't need to figure it out and find your path all on your own.  

You are meant to be in a community where you feel safe, seen, heard and empowered.  

Now more than ever, like-minded women need to come together, share their stories and mentor each other.  

We can no longer blindly follow along, play the "good girl" and achieve at the expense of our wellbeing.  

We must combine feminine wisdom with our modern ambition to redefine success, on our own terms. 


If you are interested in becoming part of an intimate group of women who are also waking up and craving a life that speaks to their soul... 

If you want success, not based on what you "should" do, but rooted in knowing who you are...


Then you are invited to join ELEMENTAL

A 14-week group journey to fulfill your highest potential.

Starting April 2016. 




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What past participants are saying:

I'm showing up completely differently in my life now than I did 6 months ago. The things I worried about are completely not an issue anymore.  Getting clear about the talents I want to develop was helpful and brought clarity to my vision for my future. Being grounded in spirituality and soul-nourishing practices in a community of like-minded women was really transformative for me.
Kiki's style is warm, accessible and authentic. At the same time, she brings in a ton of wisdom from her own personal experiences, coaching others, and her studies and certifications. She knows her shit and helps you get right to the heart of the matter and to take meaningful action. She's highly engaged and personally invested in everyone she works with. If you're working with Kiki, get ready to be brought into the present moment, get insightful guidance, feel supported and encouraged, and have fun doing it.

-- Madeline K, Marketing Manager at Google

I gained something that I was missing. Not just an action plan but taking a step back looking at my life from a different lens / perspective.
The program was such a nice combo - everything you could have asked for in a course/retreat/group session all tied into one experience.  The retreat was amazing!  
At the end of the course I could see what my intentions were, what my purpose was... all of those things were deeper than having some action plan.  I was falling into the trap of thinking that s what I needed - but it was much greater than that.  Now I have my true purpose / guiding light / destination. 
There is no other place like this that I've experienced - really safe space and community. You have to do this for yourself!  You have to meet Kiki!

-- Jes L, Director at Omada Health

This is the most rich coaching program I have participated in.  I loved the emphasis on finding your own femininity, developing a supportive group of women, and intertwining the teachings with the elements and astrology. 
I was caught in a crossroads with my career/life path, working a draining job and feeling unfulfilled. Altogether, I felt out of alignment, lost and alone.
Kiki helped us work from the inside out to discover what we desire in life and use that to guide our daily life choices.  
 I feel so in alignment with my true self. I know who I am and what I want and I am in the process of getting it; motivated, moving forward with a team of women to back me up.  I feel confident in my feminine, divine self.  I recently started a relationship with a man who sees me and cares for me unconditionally. I feel that I now attract the energy that I am.  

-- Martine Meyer, Holistic Nutritionist

A note from Kiki 

Just a few short years ago, I was a top salesperson at my corporate job. From the outside, life looked great (and in many ways it was) but I felt like part of me was dying inside. 

I realized I was living life like a man - hardened, pushing, proving, keeping up with the boys - disconnected from my body and my femininity. 

I was changing and things didn't feel right.  I couldn't ignore my desire to make a greater impact.  I craved a more meaningful life and deeper relationships.  I wanted to feel at peace with myself and passionate about my work.  I wanted to help and inspire. 

Now, I have a business that is completely aligned with the truth of who I am and my innate gifts.  I healed my eating disorder and unleashed my creative power.  And I'm supported by a community of loving and inspiring women. 

I transformed my life, and I want to help you do the same.  

I realized along the way that there is a ton of information, experience and wisdom that women are not being taught... and it's costing us - our health, success, satisfaction and our ability to connect with ourselves and others. 

Women have been disconnected from our true power for generations.  If you are trying to be the perfect "good girl" and "do it all" to get ahead, then you know what I mean.

Our planet, communities and chance at happiness are asking us to redefine success and create the meaningful, sustainable lives that will truly fulfill us. 

I believe that the world needs conscious, feminine leaders with the (inner & outer) tools to create what they want to see in the world.  It starts with listening to that quiet voice inside that tells you something is missing - something needs to change - and then daring to do something about it. 

Luckily, there is a movement underway.  The Divine Feminine force on the planet is RISING - making Her voice known through women like me and you.  It is up to us - those of us with education, resources and a longing in our heart to bring Her love + leadership into all that we do. 

Elemental is a rare opportunity to get the skills you need in your relationships and career to stay true to yourself, trust your path and rise with grace. 


I can't wait to meet you! 

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