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Would you like to unite, empower and inspire the women at your company? 

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Women are craving safe spaces for authentic relationships, a deeper sense of belonging to a community within the overall company culture as well as opportunities to expand creatively and in their leadership.

Beyond that, rising women leaders want to know our voices are heard and that we have the power to make a positive impact.  (This is the stuff that matters to us on a deeper level, keeps us satisfied and fully engaged in our professional lives.)  

Many women are in need of role-models and mentors, while others are feeling the call to step up as role-models with a desire to empower the women in their lives and workplaces.

Companies need solutions that go beyond executive coaching, initiatives pushed from the top-down and "women's networking groups" that foster superficial connections.   I can help you design a program to teach, support and empower women in your company that leverages the talent of your female workforce and fits within your culture.   

Goals, benefits and results :

The effects of having a solid, supportive community and camaraderie amongst female employees benefits organizations by actively growing and enhancing: 

  • Employee health/wellness, engagement, satisfaction & retention
  • Peer-to-peer mentorship networks 
  • Diverse, inclusive, empowering and note-worthy compay culture 
  • Reduced turnover, attrition and training
  • Communication & feedback skills 
  • Connection, collaboration and synergy
  • Confidence and risk-taking
  • Creativity, exchange of ideas and solution-oriented thinking
  • Shared values and vision 
  • Authentic leadership style  
  • Demonstrated investment in growth of employees 
  • Sense of purpose, contribution and impact 

Things don't need to be bad in order to improve. 


How we can work together: 


I collaborate with rising leaders and cultural influencers who feel passionate about empowering women and want to make a positive impact within their company.  

Together and with the input of your team, we can co-create the final vision to strengthen the connection, communication and culture for women within your organization.   Services range from individual or group coaching, consulting and workshops to a Wellness & Leadership Day Retreat to support in facilitating a monthly women's circle.  

Imagine going to a beautiful location, spending the day in connection with yourself, your female colleagues and nature.  Together you are be led through meditation & yoga, group coaching and visioning workshops and feast on delicious, healthy food.  An offsite day retreat allows your team to break out of the normal day-to-day routine to have a bonding, enlightening experience.  What you learn as a team is then integrated into the culture via a monthly women's circle.  

You walk away with tangible, practical tools to create an ongoing forum to cultivate authentic connection, talk about what truly matters, share ideas, and support each other as a community.  The circle provides an opportunity for peer-to-peer mentorship and for women who are not in traditional leadership positions to step into a leadership role that utilized our natural talents.  

The concept is designed to build trust, confidence, communication, engagement, satisfaction, and deep sense of well-being and being valued amongst all women who participate. 


Consulting Services Include: 

  • Initial consultation & needs assessment 
  • Working with decision-makers / HR / L&D / managers / executive sponsors 
  • Team meet & greet and survey 
  • Day Retreat planning & production
    • Breakfast/lunch/snacks
    • Yoga/meditation/movement
    • Connection, trust & team-building exercises
    • Workshops on leadership, visioning, values, personal development, self-awareness, communication
    • Women's circle experience & "how to" facilitation
    • Having FUN together!
  • Ongoing coaching & consulting support and services
    • Individual / group leadership and strategy coaching
    • Integration workshops & meetings
    • Mindfulness, meditation and yoga classes 
    • In-office support to ensure circles & facilitation is running smoothly


Why a women's only circle in the workplace? 

Women thrive in community, and we are hard-wired to be together.  Women's circles create a sense of safety and belonging and turn competition into connection, providing a place for authentic self-expression and the development of leadership skills.  

Workplaces also tend to be stressful, and when women are under stress, our instinctual response to "tend and befriend"  compels us to seek social support which then diminish the effects of stress.  Often, we are lacking this trusted support network within professional environments.

Circles are also an ancient and intuitive way of bringing people and tribes together.  The shape and dynamics of the circle naturally emphasize equality, inclusivity and engagement.  Having an established ritual to meet in a monthly circle creates a level of safety and consistency required to build trust and deepen relationships over time.  The circles can be used primarily for authentic, social connection or as a forum for bringing creative ideas to life.   


It's no secret that the workplace presents specific challenges for women, especially in male-dominated industries such as tech or construction:


  • Unconscious gender biases
  • Feelings of isolation / lacking community 
  • Lack of women sponsors, mentors, role-models and guidance 
  • Highly competitive environments & relationships with other women
  • Team-building activities centered around drinking 
  • Lack of safe spaces to be heard or be themselves 


"Recent research from the Center for Talent Innovation shows U.S. women working in science, engineering, and tech fields are 45% more likely than their male peers to leave the industry within the year.
It's not for lack of enthusiasm or passion. Of those women surveyed, 80% say they love their work, yet many still report barriers to getting to the top.
These environments tend to make women working feel out of place as a result. It’s that sense of isolation that may tend to prevent women from climbing up the ranks."  
Fast Company


My corporate & coaching background: 

During my 6 years in Corporate construction technology sales, I experienced firsthand the disconnect between my experience and desires as a woman and the culture and opportunities available to me in the company structure.  Ultimately, I left and channelled my passions, talents and ambitions into a private coaching practice and producing events to empower women.    

What I realized is that the work I've been doing to empower and uplift individuals is something that must be brought into the workplace if companies want to attract and retain high-performing female talent, and if women want to feel more confident and fulfilled at work. 

Luckily, businesses recognize the value of women and are actively seeking ways to empower female employees and enhance company culture. 


If you're interested in working together and bringing something like this to your company, fill out the form and we can schedule a call.

I can't wait to hear from you!  

- Kiki Federico

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