Truth, Love + Action for Equality - Body & Soul Beyoncé Lemonade Edition

It is obvious that I am a huge Beyoncé fan, and I am feeling supercharged by the FREEDOM performance with Kendrick at the BET Awards. The song which serves as a "war cry of America's oppressed" is both EPIC and relevant. (Check out the lyrics here.)

The Body & Soul Lemonade edition (tonight 7:30 pm @padstudios) is a celebration of the stories of women & our journeys to wholeness - which all include, in various ways and in varying degrees, unconscious bias, betrayal, oppression, suppression, feeling "less than", anger, resentment, grief, returning home to ourselves, forgiveness, a desire to love and connect... On some level we are all united.

In conscious/yoga communities however, we often go right to oneness and unity, rather than making space to understand our differences and the nuanced experiences of oppression faced within minority demographics.

A hard truth is that, for those of us who are privileged, white and heterosexual, it's easy to find ourselves in homogenous pockets of "sisterhood."

This is not necessarily anyones "fault."  Yet, here we have an opportunity to look at how "comparing up" to those who have more than us is a distraction. And following the path of least resistance - staying in our comfort zone, being overly PC, feelings of "white guilt" - is perpetuating the status quo and preventing us from speaking up or taking action.

Our silence is our passive form of violence. We can no longer ignore what has been swept under the rug as "not a problem" and "not in my backyard."

Not all "FREEDOM" is created equal. These times are proof of that. Instead of letting our privilege, guilt or fear of "getting it wrong" paralyze us... may we channel our grief, anger and outrage into ACTION.

Past liberation movements highlight the need for people to mobilize and GATHER together in-person to make shit happen.

Tonight, with all of your beautiful bodies and souls in the room, I will include a ritual to honor the heartbreak, chaos and sentiments being revealed through this tragic time. I will also make space for discussion and idea sharing just after class.

While I can't control who shows up to these events, I can say that any space I hold is intentionally open, inclusive and loving. I will do my part to not remain silent on the issue.

Join us for an evening of authenticity, self-expression and love with storytelling, yoga and dance.  Body & Soul is intended to liberate and celebrate the feminine spirit and power of sisterhood. 

All those who identify as women are welcome. As always, we dance for those who cannot.

Big, juicy, fresh-squeezed LOVE,