You Need to Dance... With Me

Your connection to your body is vital.  It is a gateway -  to your intuition, your clarity and to your soul’s desires.  Your female body is meant to feel and be expressed, not just for fun, but because it is a source of intelligence and creativity.  Move first.  Then meditate.  Then act. 


It’s no wonder that I have started to build a community of women like you who are also longing for a place to reconnect to their bodies and one another - and thus their divine feminine energy (and power).  I have dreamt of creating a sacred space where you can come to feel truly ALIVE and FREE in an uplifting community of women.  

And now it's here!  Both evenings so far have SOLD OUT

Why?  Because too many of you feel unfulfilled, unmotivated or uncomfortable in your jeans, but it’s not just vanity.  You want to feel healthier, clear and more confident.  You intuitively know that your power lies in your body - not in how physically perfect it is, but in you relationship to it’s wisdom, it’s energy.  And a the core, YOU WANT YOUR SPARKLE BACK.  


You’ve given a lot of yourself to other people and your job.  Maybe you’ve lost yourself in a sea of “should,” stress or other people’s Instagram feeds. 


This is why you need to dance with me. 


You need this. I need this.  We all need this.  In fact, most of you are craving this.


  • Life is full of junk - junk food, gossip, advertising...  You need a place to release what you absorb, a place to and let go of your thoughts, your need to please others and get it right. 
  • You were made to move.  It just feels good.  And when you feel good, better yet, alive, you have access to, and attract, similar energy.  
  • You are seeking a community of like-minded women who embrace you as you are and support you in who you are becoming. 


But there’s a backstory… 


When I was “killing it” doing 80-hour weeks, my weekend escape was seeing live music (lots of live music).  On the dance floor, something would happen.  I did’t have to talk, and I would close my eyes.  Like a wave coming over me, I would forget all of the worries and confusion I had about my work and who I was supposed to be.  It felt like I wasn’t in control. (I didn’t want to be.)  The music would enter into my body and move something through me.  I wasn’t thinking or trying to make it happen.  In those moments, I didn’t care how I looked because I felt so good. 


In a word, I felt FREEDOM.  In short bursts on the dance floor, with electric guitars, bass, drums vibrating through my being, I was being danced.  This feeling of aliveness was the thing that I clung to, dreamt of, the thing that reminded me of what life could be like - how good I could feel.  When I was dancing, I felt stripped down to the essence of who I am - sensual, wild, expressive and full of love.  


Now, I know firsthand the power of a woman who feels not just comfortable, but truly liberated in her body.  I know what happens when you own your body, your energy, your physical presence.  You will carry yourself with more strength.  You will exude an intangible, magnetic quality.  You will speak more confidently in meetings.  You will be more in tune with what you really want.  You will be more creative.  The right people and opportunities will appear.


Despite the plethora of movement classes in SF, I know that you crave more - community, connection and intention.  And I am here to bring it to you with movement + music + ritual.  If you are ready to love your body, elevate your vibe and find your tribe, please join me. 


The next class will be on Sunday 1/24, 7:30 pm at the beautiful studio at The Center SF.   Get your tickets here - We will sell out!  


Wild grace, 

Kiki xx


How to feel like a woman at work

OK, today I'm talking to all you ladies who show up to work, especially those of you who have found yourself in a male-dominated industry.  

You know who you are - you've been chasing "success" your whole life. 

I know because I've been there. I spent my entire working life 
trying to prove myself and be liked, especially by men who I considered influential, successful or powerful (which can feel like a requirement of the job if you work in any male-dominated industry like construction technology).

Which brings me to todays episode of KikiTV.
I'll be sharing a new video with you all at the beginning of each week, and today it's something that I've been talking about with friends for a while now...

"that day I realized I'm a woman!"  
Yep! And the craziest part is that it took me 27 whole years! 

So many of us learned as girls this idea of a way of life that will bring us love, success and respect.  But when we get there, we can FEEL it that something is missing.  We are stressed, tired, overweight, lonely, confused, under pressure... trying to keep up with the pace of life we think we "should" or "need" to in order to provide a good life for ourselves.  (Oh, I've been there too.) 

Well the Truth is that the established ways of living and working to "be the best we can be" and "reach our highest potential" were not designed with women in mind. 


In today's episode I share my own experience and also give you 

3 simple ideas to feel more like a woman at work.  

(Hint: it's up to you!)