letting go

The Path to Personal Freedom

So, I wasn't always this free...

I used to be trapped in a mental prison of self-judgement, criticism, doubt and perfectionism.  I would put ridiculous amounts of pressure on myself to be strong and perform.  I was afraid of confrontation.  I couldn't stand anyone being "mad" at me.   I was constantly in my head and adjusting my behavior to fit in and be liked.  In fact, I was so good at fitting in, I prided myself at being a chameleon - being who I needed to be... or who I thought I needed to be.  

It got me a "good" job and lots of acquaintances, but I was missing a sense of purpose or a community who really knew me.  (Besides, if they really knew me they wouldn't actually like me.  They would find out I was a fraud!)  

I felt chained to a corporate credit card, the idea of "security" and an image of having it all together.  

What I lacked was FREEDOM - in my mind and body, to own my time, to pursue my interests, to relax, to say what I really thought, to be honest and vulnerable, to move how I wanted to move, to be myself

As I write this, I feel completely liberated, unafraid to share my story, knowing what I stand for and following my passion and purpose.  I feel free from the expectations of what I should do or who I should be.  I feel free to challenge the status quo.  

I feel free to be imperfect.  I feel free to take action despite not knowing it all or without having it all figured out.  

Now, there is something much deeper informing and guiding me that is not dependent on things outside myself. 

But let's be real.  Getting here has not been easy.  

It's been messy, with ups and downs, deaths and rebirths.  But because of doing these 4 things, every time I stumble or feel lost, I end up closer to who I am and what I'm really here to do.  I become stronger, more clear and more free.  In the end, it's about the journey, not the destination. 

wild, crazy, messy, liberated love, 



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