(Fun, Funky) Fearless & Free Friday - What will you think of me?

Welcome back to Fearless & Free Friday!

Each Friday, I encourage us to come together in community on (Fun, Funky) Fearless & Free Fridays to share some form of CREATION with each other and imprint the Universe with our souls' EXPRESSIONS of art, movement, words, LOVE...

Share your art, poetry, song, dance, photos, altars or anything else that comes not from head but from your heart... here is a place to share your TRUTH!

Nothing is too small or silly... the more we share the beauty of who we are with the world, the more others feel INSPIRED, FEARLESS & FREE to do so. 

Surprise yourself with just how authentic and uninhibited you can be when you REVEL IN and CELEBRATE the messy, vulnerable, imperfect, gutsy, creative parts of YOU  (NOT just the "successful," "together," "perfect" parts of you that try to get it "right").  

And finally... LET US SEE IT!  SHARE IT with the COMMUNITY who is been WAITING TO EXPERIENCE the REAL YOU.

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But What Will You Think of Me?

This week I was invited to a corporate, high-tech party.  Lots of cool gadgets, free food, open bar, massive rotating bean bag chairs, big-name DJ's..... and a SLOW MOTION VIDEO BOOTH! 

For those of you who know me, you can imagine my excitement when I saw this.  It was clearly my favorite part of the whole evening.  I convinced my boyfriend to join me, twice. ;)  

Then about an hour later I wanted to go back in and told him, "Yeah, I think I actually want to do one alone this time."  In fact, I actually had this blog in mind to make something to share with you all.  

8 SECONDS - that's all you get.  So I waited in line and thought of something FUN, SILLY and ME that I could do in 8 seconds that would also look interesting or captivating in slow motion.  I came up with a little bit choreography, flipped my hair, did a spin and brought it all back to CENTER in the end....


I watched the slow-mo video and the real-time version my friend so awesomely captured.  At the time, was super stoked!  I had so much FUN!  I thought it was all perfectly reflective of ME and made for an easy share come Friday.

But then Friday morning rolls around...  I look back at the video...


And that pesky little voice came roaring back in...

"You can't share that. What will they think of you? They'll judge you and think you're showing off or being "sexual."  If you put it up, it'll backfire and all these women you want to connect with authentically will actually be turned off because of how you look in this video.  I mean, you start by flipping your hair!?!" 

And then I stopped myself... and I realized this was an opportunity to talk about a pattern in life that I struggle with. 

This is something that loooooves to show up when I'm feeling especially joyful, beautiful, sexy, having a ton of fun, and dancing...

It shows up in those moments when I feel my BEST! 

It feels like, "I shouldn't be having this much fun in front of everybody else.  I shouldn't be dancing like this because they'll judge me about how I move my body.  They'll get the wrong impression about me.   Am I too much? Maybe I should tone it down." 


Too much for whom?  Tone down what? 


I realized today that I was being revisited by some idea that I should be less joyful, less beautiful, less "in my body," less RADIANT, less ALIVE...

for YOU!  

So you would "like me more."  


I know I am not alone in this.  Many, many women feel that they cannot be their fullest, brightest, shiniest selves in public because it will draw NEGATIVE attention.  

How many of us are holding ourselves back from feeling like the joyful, beautiful, BODACIOUS, lively women that WE ARE so that OTHERS WON'T JUDGE US HARSHLY?!  

Well, in our natural state, before all the social expectations and fears and judgements... 

Women... we are JOY, we are BEAUTY, we are BODACIOUS, we are RADIANT, we are SEXUAL, we are FULL OF LIFE, we are LOVE.  


And if you have forgotten, allow me to help you REMEMBER. 

So I decided to share this video with you anyway, and hope that by doing so it accomplishes a couple things:

1. gives me permission to meet you with my fullest, most vibrant self as proof that WE DON'T NEED TO APOLOGIZE FOR OR TONE DOWN "all of this," amazingness that we are.

2. gives you permission to look, feel and be as absolutely RADIANT as you truly are.

3. by speaking vulnerably about our real experiences as women we not only give each other permission, but ENCOURAGE each other to smile, to  shine to our fullest, to move our bodies as we please, and by doing so we bless this world with our PRESENCE. 


Keep flippin' yo hair girl! 


Humbly & with wild, bodacious love,