The time has come for women to accept their spiritual responsibility for the planet.

“You will be teachers for each other. You will come together in circles and speak your truth to each other. The time has come for women to accept their spiritual responsibility for the planet.”
— Sherry Anderson recounting her dream in "The Feminine Face of God: The Unfolding of the Sacred in Women"


As soon as I read these words, it hit me.  

I am not alone.  

I am exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what I need to be doing. 

For years, women have been dreaming of what my sisters and I know and can feel is happening.  

WE are not alone. 

The revolution is underway. 

This is cause for a celebration!

“What we need are stories from spiritually mature women in our time and culture who are demonstrating the sacred in today’s world. We need to hear from women we can relate to...We need to hear directly from these women about the unfolding of the sacred in their own lives in their own words, and in the language of their own hearts.”
— -
With a resonant "YES" I humbly accept. 

With a resonant "YES" I humbly accept. 

I am here to tell my story.

The truth is that I did not plan on becoming a voice for the feminine spiritual revolution.  In fact, I thought for sure there is something else I am here to do, something more marketable that fits neatly into a business plan, like weight-loss.  

The harder I fought to "find" my perfect business proposition, my target market, the more resistance I felt.  I was in my head and something was missing, nagging at me.

"There is something bigger."

"Get to the core of what women and the world truly need."

 "Don't be scared.  It's time. Women are ready for this."

There is no cookie-cutter business model to follow.  There is no "for sure."  But this is a risk worth taking because I believe in it more deeply than anything.  This is what motivates and excites me, makes my heart beat faster and sends chills in waves through my body.  It is time to stop "trying" and start "being."  This is what I and we have been waiting for.  

This is what wants to flow through me.  


“If women are to pioneer a new way of embodying spirit in the world today, one thing seems certain: we must listen to the deep source of wisdom within ourselves and tell the truth about what we are learning.”
— -

Well shit.  That means getting really fucking honest, real, vulnerable about what is happening for me and the women I call sisters.  That also means seriously trusting in myself and my abilities to make a greater vision for life on this planet a bonafide reality. 

The parts of me that were self-conscious or worried about being judged have dissipated into fully accepting my responsibility. 

I recently found myself on a rooftop here in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, alone, under the stars, peering out over the jungle with the orchestra of the waves, speaking out loud, witnessed only by earth and sky, saying,

"YES. I accept. I accept the challenge."

It is up to me to listen to my own inner wisdom and speak my truth in service to other women and the world.   It is up to me to get out of my own way. 


It is time for women to return to ourselves, our natural rhythms and each other, remember how we used to be revered, and reclaim our femininity and the value of our gifts.

The knowledge we are reviving is not the type taught in schools, churches or company retreats.  This is not a thing of the ego or the intellect.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  


The wisdom and power that lies waiting for women is visceral

vis·cer·al    /vis(ə)rəl/  adjective:  relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect;  synonyms: instinctive, instinctual, gut, deep-down, deep-seated, deep-rooted, inward


We are here to reclaim what is ours to know, love, trust and express...

Our femininity.

Our bodies.

Our energy.

Our rhythm.

Our traditions.

Our sisterhood.

Our beauty.

Our power. 

Our spirits.


And so it is. 


Thank you for joining me on this adventure.


Stay tuned to as more musings, events and offerings emerge!

Email me at if you desire to co-create an experience for awakening women. 

Sherry Anderson & Patricia Hopkins quoted throughout from "The Feminine Face of God: The Unfolding of the Sacred in Women"

Emptiness that Awakens Part IV: Keep it simple. Just Be.

Still not sure? 


I know the idea of “awakening” can sound daunting, difficult or serious (or perhaps too heady for some of you), but it doesn’t have to be!  (And really, we know life itself throws that all in for us.)  

When you are true to yourself, your transform the world around you through your presence. 

When you are true to yourself, your transform the world around you through your presence. 

Keep it simple.

Awakening is a process that starts with simple awareness, self-observation, of your circumstances, relationships, actions, words, thoughts, beliefs.  Ok, and that requires a willingness to adopt some real look-in-the-fucking-mirror personal responsibility.

And then, rather than just going through the motions, pause.  Ask yourself, "what or how would I like to be experiencing life instead?”  Where are you unsatisfied, stressed out or suffering?  What do you love and love to do?  What is really important to you?  What makes you feel at ease and alive?  

You can think of it as self-correcting (if awakening isn’t your jam at this point). 

Awakening opens you up to a life of curiosity, possibility, personal power, creativity, passion, beauty and, best of all, love.  Every step of the way opens you up to more and more freedom

And the exciting thing is that this is happening all over the world amongst a broad spectrum of people from all walks of life. 

With the vast resources and information that we have access to, we simply owe it to ourselves and future generations to wake up

Just be.

One of the biggest challenges that comes along with this path is that not everyone is on it.  The reality is that it’s just not that time in human history yet.  

This is an extremely personal journey, and everyone is in a different place in their evolution. 

In the process of awakening, we sometimes fight the need to tell everyone about it, how amazing it is, how good we feel, how much we are remembering about the truth of who we are and how desperately the planet needs us all to change... Truth is this can get exhausting and make you question yourself. 

And so my invitation is two-fold: 

1. Expand your community of friends. Actively find your people.

I realize that you may be changing faster than the people around you, even the ones you love.  Have compassion for them.  Watch your need to explain every detail of your transformation to others with the goal that they will “get you.”  The truth is, they may never get you.  And, it’s not their job to get you or to change themselves.  It’s your job to accept them for who they are, releasing any expectation around how they should be or think. 

Can you exist in your newfound truth and freedom and still hold them in a loving place?  Can you see and cherish the beauty of who they are, exactly as they are?  Can you just be and find your center and pleasure in the moment? 

The truth is that you do need to find people you can relate to on this journey.  

You need to surround yourself with a community of men or women who are at the next level. 

Those people will be extremely important to you feeling connected and understood.  They will play an vital role in helping you expand your ability to feel good and succeed in living your purpose.  Those friends and mentors are essential and deeply meaningful.  So do what you need to “fill your cup” with friends who want to talk about life, spirituality, awakening.  Just don’t forget to be present with and accepting of those who are not. 

2. Hold a part of your transformation sacred

Sacredness implies high value, reverence and respect.  In this way, you can feel that a part of your awakening is special, special enough not to want to cheapen it by broadcasting it where it’s not going to be valued or understood.  Many of us do feel it is our duty to spread this message and play our part in shifting the consciousness of the planet.  However, there is something beautiful in reserving a part of your practice, a ritual perhaps, that is just for you and spirit.  Be aware of the ego's need for validation.  Be aware of the ego's need to assign meaning or an immediate intellectual interpretation to a feeling, synchronicity or other experiences.  By holding your evolution as sacred, you give it space, you don't ignore nor do you smother it.  You begin to feel a quiet sense of being in awe of yourself as a part of the greater forces at work. 

And so to close, I bow to you, in all your infinite potential, in honor of the spark of life that rests within you.  Keep up the good work.  The world needs you to believe in you. 

With wild love,

Kiki Federico 

Inspired by Marianne Williamson’s Enchanted Love Workshop.

Emptiness that Awakens Part III: Entering space. Filling up. Waking up.

Continued from Part II...


Thankfully some of us are gifted with people or situations in life that force us to contemplate, "there has got to be something more to life than this."  Sometimes things just have to be that bad before we will start to really pay attention

Some of us just get it that we can choose a fulfilling, peaceful, joyful life. 

Entering space.  Filling up.  Waking up. 

So you start the search, seeking what that life looks and feels like.  What is it to be in the “more to life?"

Naturally, you start with what is not working, who we are not.  The more you strip away, the closer you get to empty. 

"Who am I without my _____ ?" (insert habit, persona, title, name here) 

Then, we enter space.


This is a process of peeling away the layers, digging deeper to reveal what’s at the core of who you are.  This is a personal quest to arrive at some answer, some clarity, strength, joy, peace, aliveness that was once missing, so that you may discover what will truly make you satisfied.  Who am I truly?  Why the hell am I even here? 

This is awakening - to stop sleepwalking through life and get to the truth, of which there is only one, yours. 

And then, you begin to (you desire to) fill yourself up from the inside with truth, not junk (junk food, reality TV, plastic, trends, sugar, buzz, small talk, keeping up appearances, shiny shiny, don’t offend anyone, Wal-mart, politics, sugar, Facebook).  

Something miraculous happens. 

Enter spirit. 

You begin to see through the bullshit.  You learn to tell the difference between what you desire, what is meaningful and what you’ve been told to care about.  You realize that practically none of the “learning” you did in school was designed to help you answer the question, "who am I?" but rather, “how do I get a good job?”  You realize that you’ve been gearing up to enter the system, play the game of capitalism, consumerism, work, spend, money, burnout, escape, chase, strive, compare, not enough, oh, and only put the good stuff online.  

You learn to think & feel for yourself.  You remember that you are more than just flesh and blood and thoughts.  You learn that you don’t control the vast majority of the process occurring in your body and that a gut feeling is a real, deep form of intelligence.  You finally get it - "I'm a fucking miracle of creation!" (seriously!) 

You start to get clear on who you are and what you really want.  You learn that being true to yourself is the greatest gift to yourself (and the world), and it’s more important than anyone else’s approval or even their love

You appreciate the clarity.  You start respecting, appreciating, caring for and believing in yourself, because you want to. 

You learn what is meaningful and what is just a distraction or a temporary thrill that you will be recovering from for the next few days.  You begin to create relationships and an environment that reflects that truth of "who am I really?” and the beauty in this world.  You surround yourself with people, things, work, experiences that have meaning

The truth (for me) is that awakening is where it's at!  (Real talk.)

You become strikingly aware of your ability choose your experience in any and every moment. 

You start listening to and trusting your intuition. 

Your relationships deepen, expand and become more fulfilling. 

You look and feel better, and your health improves on all levels. 

You become receptive and stronger. 

You feel your personal power in every moment. 

Your sex life gets better (especially women). 

You stop apologizing for who you are and worrying about impressing people or making sure everyone likes you. 

You do things you care about and stop wasting time doing things you "should" or just because the people around you are. 

You face your fears and face way less disappointment. 

You get closer to your purpose and know why you wake up everyday. 

You access and express your innate creativity.

You trust yourself and your ability to create the life you truly desire. 

You experience more beauty, pleasure and fun! 

So who’s in?! 

Still not sure?  Stay tuned for Part IV tomorrow...

With wild love, 

Kiki Federico

Emptiness that Awakens Part II: It's up to you.

It’s up to you.

What is happening within you will always be the greatest determining factor in your experience of life.  Why is it then that we are so focused on what’s going on around us?  We act as if what’s out there holds the keys to all our deepest desires. 

The rising sun, the dawning of each new day, is a powerful time of new beginnings and possibilites.  It reminds us of our freedom. 

The rising sun, the dawning of each new day, is a powerful time of new beginnings and possibilites.  It reminds us of our freedom. 

In some ways, we've been tricked for generations, developing deep societal “norms” and pathways to “success” that shape who we think we are and how we should act.  But the model is flawed.  It’s founded on others approving of you, falling in line, following trends, not questioning the status quo, consumerism, capitalism.  Keep watching the screen. Keep buying stuff.  Keep working. 

In other ways, we trick ourselves because we know that peace, happiness and fulfillment don’t come with a tag on it (physical or virtual). 

But isn’t doing the work to reframe the lens through which we see the world hard? 

Is that the hold up?!  Too hard? Too much time? (Reality check - this life’s work - so forget about time.)

First, it takes willingness.  And it takes effort, which is why those who embark on the path of self-discovery usually come from a place of suffering, darkness or some other situation forcing them to look in the mirror and make a change, at least for their own benefit.  Whether it’s a breakup, losing someone they love, a soul-sucking job, injury or addiction, the lucky ones take the chance to snap out of it

A beautiful side effect of refining your inner world is gaining the capacity to see such “terrible” events as gifts, or in the case of the unexpected, gift bombs

Damn.  You mean I have something to learn from this shitty situation? YEP!  Welcome to the New World Order folks! 

It’s up to you to get what you want and need out of life. 

Or, you can choose to stay in the "woe is me, people just don’t get me or like me, I hate my body, things would be better if only” mentality. 

Slave to the ego. Riding the struggle bus. 

Now, don’t get me wrong.  The struggle is real, whether you get excited about evolving as a human or not.  But the path of embracing that you have a spirit provides a whole hell of a lot of relief, coping skills and good feelings along the way.  It reminds you of your true nature, that part of you that exists (and thrives for that matter) outside the realm of things that "happen to" you and daily drama or your to-do list. 

I also get that the existing systems at work know damn well just how suckered by immediate gratification we are.  We are human after all.  There is great power in preoccupation, comfort and chemically-engineered pleasure.  It keeps you from asking too many questions, keeps you striving, purchasing and clicking away to keep up or chase a fleeting feeling

But what’s the end game in that scenario? 

A lifetime of hours worked, TV shows watched, credit card debt, processed foods eaten, health problems and relationship drama…? 

But I posted a hell of a lot of selfies and pictures of food!  See?  Everyone!? I made it!  Right?! But... wait... don’t post that picture of me. I look fat...    Hmm. 

Thankfully some of us are gifted with people or situations in life that force us to contemplate, "there has got to be something more to life than this."  Sometimes things just have to be that bad before we will start to really pay attention

And then, some of us just get it that we can choose a fulfilling, peaceful, joyful life. 

YOU have to choose.  And you can.  Right now.  This is what they talk about when they say that "the power lies in the present moment."

With wild love, 


Stay tuned for part 3!