5 Reasons Sisterhood is Key to your Success as a Modern Woman

I've had a more than a few experiences that reminded me of the importance (and magic!) of showing up for the many women in my life.  Lately it's been a wedding to teach me about making time, the end of a group mastermind coaching program to teach me about celebrating, a random party where I meet a soul-sister, or contributing to a friend's event and meeting a new incredible client... 

When I follow my intuition to be with my girls, good things happen.  Something ignites in me. I giggle more.  I feel more clear and fulfilled. Serendipity follows... And they teach me so much.  Recently they have reminded me about prioritizing love, not rushing, receiving support, allowing,  and the need to come together, celebrate and collaborate.  Work will always be there.  There is always more to do.  But the doing is informed by the being.  The work is informed by what makes life worth living. 

And being with my sisters is like opening a door to the possibilities I couldn't see before. 

To put it plainly, you need to surround yourself with a community of women who inspire you, women who...

lift you up, listen to you, accept you as you are, challenge you to grow, see you as who you are becoming, don't hold you back or get jealous of you, support you in your mission, hold you accountable, celebrate you, encourage you to be bigger and brighter.. 

revel in the beauty of life with you... appreciate life with you, dream and create with you, 

and help you remember what it feels like to be a woman - safe to be fully expressed, to be enveloped and amplified by the power of the collective. 

This is especially true for ambitious professionals.  

If we truly expect to rise to the levels of success we want, we must come together, celebrate what makes us women, speak about our stories and the desires in our hearts, and change what's not working for us.

Watch the video below to learn the 5 reasons why sisterhood is critical to your success as a modern woman. 

You don't need to do it alone. But many of us are experiencing a crisis of connection, without a solid community of girlfriends we can call 'sisters,' who show up for each other, who can be real

We are all longing for a sense of community.  We are all longing to express ourselves in ways only women can understand. 

Which is why I am offering Ritual Movement (yoga+dance+community) at Spark Arts on Wednesday, 11/4 from 7:30-9pm. 

Join me for an evening of beauty, connection and liberation through self-expression. 

I will also be leading a workshop at the Women Catalysts Community Co-working day on Wednesday, 10/21. 

And register for the Holistic Fashionista Speaker Series and my interview on Feminine Leadership Secrets to Change Your Life and Change the Game on Saturday, 10/24.



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