What needs to be said? Silence to self-expression in the wake of tragedy...

“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.


Hello Dear Sister,

On Sunday, June 12th, I took a moment of silence to allow myself to weep on the street corner in the wake of the Orlando shooting.  I learned that the gunman was in my high school class… 

I remember how I silently struggled growing up in South Florida, and I had it pretty good.  This has made me wonder what Omar’s experience must have been like, what his silent struggle was, how isolated he may have felt, what beliefs were imposed upon him, what he wasn’t allowed to say or feel… How this horrific act somehow became his best option…  

It’s made me think about our society, what we accept as the norm, what goes unsaid and unnoticed in the absence of communities where compassion, authenticity, vulnerability and empowerment are valued and practiced.  


We are taught to get grades and jobs but not how to be human - how to get in touch with who we are and what truly matters to us.  We are taught to get in line and follow the rules… until we break them, or until we break


What’s missing in your life?  What are you not OK with but that you go along with anyway? What part of you believes that this is just the way it is and you can’t possibly change it? 


Have you become cynical or complacent?  Perhaps too comfortable?  Or afraid to let yourself FEEL what needs to be felt to access your passion?

The same night at Body & Soul we spoke and sounded and sang, uniting and lifting our voices.  Is it enough? I don’t know, but it’s what I can do right now… It is in my power to help women liberate their voices and give them permission to express themselves truthfully - with the hopes that they have more confidence and courage to stand up for what they believe in.  It’s what I can do to create a space where our stories and struggles and feelings can be shared without shame - with the hopes of transforming our relationships to ourselves and one another.  


I'm sitting with a lot today, thinking about how I can play a greater role in changing the conversation and amplifying the the voices of those who have been silenced for too long. 

Do you want to make a greater impact?

Fortunately, in the SF Bay Area, there are many forward-thinking, conscious communities gathering to take real action on our world's most pressing problems.  

If you are interested in social impact work or simply connecting with people who truly care, I encourage you to join me at the Net Impact SF Conference this weekend on Saturday, 6/18 at Fort Mason. 

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