How Leaders Overcome Fear of Failure

I've been thinking a whole lot over here about leadership.  When I speak to my friends and clients, the reason these ambitious women want to be leaders is ultimately to influence and inspire, to change something for the better, to create a positive impact. 

But what makes someone an inspiring leader?  Watch the video below to find out.

The major thing that's usually stopping these amazingly talented women from taking a risk is fear of failure.  

Even for the smart, strong (downright bad ass) women in my life, this fear can be enough to keep them stuck in a situation that's OK but not great for years.  This is partly because fear of failure is linked to all sorts of gloomy scenarios like dying poor and lonely, losing their independence, losing respect and admiration, or that it would be "hard."   

In the video, I point out an interesting argument that your fear of failure isn't really a fear of "failure," but something else. 

So what if your attitude around failure changed just a little bit?  How do you define and measure "success"?  Are you financially stable?  Do you feel how you want to feel?  Do you know who you are?  Do you feel calm, alive or satisfied every day?  Are you doing meaningful work? 

Fear of failure can prevent us from thinking about who we are and what we really want.  Fear of failure stops us from even considering what we would be willing to fail for.  

That's where the gold is, and that's where leaders come in. 

Watch my latest pep talk on overcoming fear of failure the way leaders do...

Hint:  It's already in you, it just takes some digging. 



How to Overcome Fear of Failure Like a Leader