#imwithlove... and I Believe

A palpable silence grew over the city last night. Somber faces acknowledged one another passing on sidewalks. An air of disbelief still sits stagnant all around.

In my circles, no one expected this could happen...that this was a cruel joke taken too far. It could never be “real”.

Sitting in front of my makeshift altar, with candles lit and phone still buzzing with texts - I rest and surrender to “reality” of the choice America has made and the outpouring of love, hope and solidarity emerging and uniting my community.


Men and women declaring #imwithlove - a declaration that what is needed at this time lies far beyond any political agenda.


As this election has gone on, I have chosen to see it through a spiritual lense - one in which the events on our national stage are a mirror of our collective psyche, revealing shadow aspects within the people of America - those parts of us that have been hidden, ashamed, rejected, marginalized.


I don’t think that we as individuals are necessarily equipped to take in, take on or or comprehend intellectually humanity’s karma.


I do know, however, that there is a significant and growing faction of people consciously choosing to operate from a place of love over fear and making that choice their life’s work.

And for those who have been complacent or uncertain whether they want to act, this is an event that can reveal what’s truly at stake and be seen as a call to action.


Personally, I feel an even greater sense of urgency in the work of empowering women and liberating us to show up in our authenticity and undeniable intuitive knowing - we must shape our future.


Sitting idly by and allowing ourselves to be stressed and moderately satisfied in exchange for something that feels stable, yet suffocating is no longer an option.  For those who sense that their greatness lies in being a part of “the shift” towards a more loving, sustainable future, it’s time to examine whether we’ve been playing it a little too safe.


We all have a unique piece of the puzzle and it’s up to us to own our organic, imperfect edges that challenge the genetically modified, commodified version of success, power and even love that we’ve been sold. The powers in place are banking on your busy, distracted and insatiable appetite for more to keep you quiet and striving.


Turning off / tuning out the noise and getting in touch with what this event awakens within you is a worthy exploration. The gift just might be what it stirs up in all of us and our ability to listen to that, share it with our friends and family, and consider what we can do to play a part in being - and creating - the change we want to see.

Blessings to you all…

Remember to stay in your practices now more than ever.



Stay in your Practice: "Sonic Prayer"

One of my favorite practices is listening to a high vibe song on repeat that connects me to my soul and makes my body come to life.  I sing it aloud, dance, turn my head and hands up to the sky or down towards the Earth, focusing on feelings of gratitude and radiating love out from my center.

This month, listen to pretty much anything by Mali Music, and especially “I Believe” as a sonic prayer to lift your spirit and remember that you are love during this time.


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