Gracefully Disrupting the Status Quo

Last Sunday's Body & Soul ritual was EPIC.  It made me think how rare it is that we come together as women to truly celebrate one another and express ourselves... It also made me realize that the status quo - normal - is far from what we want, what we are desperately craving as professionally-ambitious, spiritually curious women who are here to cause a sacred fuss by returning home to ourselves and reclaiming the power of our bodies and souls. 

When I was younger no one told me I could pray with my body. No one spoke of sisterhood or the feminine. No one taught me the tradition of circles.

As a child I knew I was smart. I loved to dance. My life became a performance. I learned to be this way and that to win over the right people. I chased cool. I kept up the front. I played it safe.

As a woman I longed to be free - to be in a place where I could drop the facade and rest into the range of my experience as a woman, a human, a divine being. And I wanted to belong. I craved community. I wanted to get high on stimulating conversation, self-expression and the sacred.

But belonging doesn’t come with fitting in - it comes when you love yourself enough to allow the real you to be seen.

And change doesn’t happen by playing it safe - it happens when you risk failure and disapproval to stand up for what you know to be true.

I know that we have all been cut off from our bodies, our brothers and sisters, spirit and Earth for far too long. We are lost and looking for our way home - to ourselves, to one another, to places we feel connected to something real and greater than ourselves.

The force of awakening, the heat of desire for a meaningful life is undeniable and unshakeable.

Me, you, we are not alone.

And we are living in a time when those who feel called to contribute must come together and share in the experience of consciously creating a new reality.

We cannot be contained. We are gracefully disrupting the status quo. We are Ritual Uprising.


Come to the monthly Body & Soul ritual and see what I mean. 

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