The new breed of mentors... Successful, Sensual, Spiritual

Hey sister, 
Do you have a mentor?  Not just someone who is good at their job...  but someone who you can relate to, someone you also admire for how they live - for who they are?

One of the #1 struggles ambitious professional women have is finding mentors.  Add desire to feel feminine, alive in your body and spiritually-curious to the mix and you're probably really struggling...

Yeah yeah, we can look at Oprah or Sheryl Sandberg or some big names as role-models, but a mentor needs to be a bit more accessible.  And most of the women I talk to aren't finding mentors readily available in their company ranks. 

There is a new breed of mentor emerging - women who are redefining what it means to be successful, feminine, creative, spiritual and empowered.  Luckily, I know some of these women.  And the other thing that makes them different is they're more like peers.  Yup, peer-to-peer mentorship is where it's at.  

There simply aren't enough slightly-older-manager-motherly-embodied-bosslady types rolling around waiting to mentor the masses seeking guidance.... And this is where sisterhood comes in.  

So when I created Elemental, I knew that it wouldn't be complete without bringing in the wisdom, stories and expertise of some of my sisters.  These women are incredibly powerful forces of nature, bringing their creative visions into world with love, courage, beauty and generosity.  They embody divine feminine leadership in their work, their lifestyle and their being.

with wild love and in sisterhood,