Coming Clean in 2016 - The Truth About Waking Up

I've been quiet for the past month reflecting back on this year and making big plans for 2016.  But before we go any further, I need to lay it down with some real talk.

In years past I have spent New Years partying at a loud concerts, likely drunk, high and following along with what other people wanted to do.  This year, I hunkered down in an Airbnb with one of my girlfriends (who is also a badass babe on a mission to liberate women ;), drank matcha tea and business planned for 2016. 


This speaks to the huge transformation that I’ve experienced in the last few years, one that my close friends know intimately, but I’ve been fairly quiet about in a public-facing way.  It's not just that I was exhausted and miserable, trying to “make it in a man’s world,” and now I’ve “found my purpose.”   While that’s true, it's not the whole story. 


I’ve been leaving out a very important detail.   I’ve tried to elude to it.  I’ve been working diligently on embodying it.  But I haven't truly owned it in my voice.  I've pretty much ignored this post I wrote one year ago in a moment of courage and clarity when I declared "I accept my responsibility." 


Why?  Because I’ve been afraid.  I’ve also been trying to sort out exactly what has been happening me.  I think I was in denial for a while, then felt a little embarrassed or ashamed. But basically I’ve been afraid.  It goes back to needing people to like me, to feel accepted... marketable.  I haven’t wanted to lose people close to me.  So I have hid parts of myself to make other people comfortable, to  to protect “the way things are.” 


But times are changing.  I know I am not alone.  Far too many people are “out of the closet” for me to try to keep this a secret from you anymore.  And, this is the real reason I left my job.  This is why I became an entrepreneur.  And this is what gave me a glimpse into my dreams and gives me the courage to go after them.  It is the foundation of my life and work.  It has given me the courage to be myself.  It gives me hope.  


I have had a divine feminine awakening and I... am... spiritual.  I am spiritual.     

Conscious, awake, soulful, spirited, mystical, witchy…  Whatever you want to call it/name it/brand it, there you have it.  


And here’s the point - why I can't just "be about it" and let you somehow figure it out through osmosis:

I am here to give you permission to embrace your divinity because when you do, you will come alive and tap into a force that is changing the world. 


BOOM.  There you have it.  You’ve probably just felt the earth quake and the angels sing. Kidding!  Maybe.  

You might identify with this.  You might not.  This isn’t meant to be divisive or exclusive or self-righteous.  For those who are “awakening,” you reach a point when you just need to call it like it is and own it unapologetically.  And If I am going to liberate women, then I need to liberate myself and fearlessly tell it like it is... 


because we are all connected, and my experience is your experience.  We find ourselves in the stories of others. 


When something like a divine feminine awakening happens - you don’t usually ask for it.  (I was a hard-partying atheist a few years ago - more on that in a later post.)  It comes on without you knowing what it is or why.  It’s disruptive.  You try to cling to your “normal” life, job, friends, but you can feel an emptiness, disconnection, dissatisfaction, a yearning for moreYour chest feels tight.  You feel stuck in your head.  The voice whispers to you at your work desk, in a crowded bar or after a one-night stand saying, “I shouldn’t be here.  This doesn’t feel right.  I don’t really care about this.  I should be doing something else.” 


But an awakening doesn't happen to you.  It happens for you - for you to stop sleepwalking through life doing what you “should," and wake up to the life you truly desire.


This inner voice and my yoga practice pushed me to question the life I had been living - overworked, overstimulated, overeating and over partying - and start searching for answers.  I knew it could be better, and I felt called to succeed at doing something meaningful.  And the thing is, there are many women like you and me who are experiencing the same thing.  


I want you to know...

I am here to guide you towards peace, clarity and fulfilling your divine* potential.  

I am here to unite and amplify the power of this growing sisterhood and our impact in the world. 

I am here to elevate new role models, women who are reclaiming their feminine souls and redefining success. 


{And you can join me in SF on Sunday 1/24 for Body & Soul a ritual of yoga + dance + music + sisterhood}


Why is this important?

Together, we - conscious women with ambition to make shit happen - are the leaders in a spiritual revolution that is at the heart of the shift required to heal humanity and the Earth.  This personal, internal shift that occurs when we reconnect to our inner authority, our true power, it influences our beliefs about ourselves, who we hang out with, how we consume our planet's resources, how we eat, how we feel about our bodies, how we dress, what art we create, what businesses we start or support, what politicians we elect... how we move and speak in the world - everrryyything


This is why my connection to spirit and my feminine soul is the foundation for all that I do.  It is not just for my own benefit.  It is the essence of life and the love in our hearts that we collectively need to remember, sense, experience and share in order to create the changes we so desperately need.


This knowledge gives me a fiery hope and motivation to speak the truth to grow this collective. 

It's time for a new way where ancient wisdom informs modern ambition. 

Wild and refined, together we rise. 

Can I get an “amen!” ;)


So I am publicly declaring some things that you can expect from me in 2016: 


  1. sharing my story of awakening and the global divine feminine movement that is underway, especially here in the Bay Area

  2. collaborations and inspiring events (like this one) to grow this sisterhood of awakening women  

  3. exploring the idea of conscious feminine leadership and it’s affects on business, culture and the environment

  4. ways to work with me to learn how to navigate the “real world” while fulfilling your divine feminine potential 


If you resonate with this, if this is happening to you, or you want more real talk in 2016 about the reality of women waking up and the power of this collective, then please leave a comment or join below to stay inspired and fired up! 

Wild love,