Are women bred to be insecure?

Are women bred to be insecure?  This is what I woke up asking myself yesterday.

How do we find "self-confidence"?   And what happens when we do?...

Hey girl, 

Yeah, I'm coming out of the gate hot this week.  Making disruptive declarations is apparently what I'm into, and its a'ight with me.  

When I talk to women, what I find is that we want some pretty basic things... to feel happy, fulfilled, healthy, balanced... and over and over again, you want.... confidence.  It's so common, in fact,  that I believe we are brought up to be insecure.  Thank youuu media, capitalism, the male gaze through which we see ourselves...!  

So you're not sitting at your desk obsessing over some lofty goals about changing the world.  NO.  Instead, you really would rather just feel good about who you are, be able to put yourself out there without questioning what other people think of you, or trust you can make the right choice...  

So are you really bred to be insecure?  And why is feeling confident so damn hard?   


Not knowing, loving and trusting yourself is the type of thing that will cost you in all areas of your life and keep you trying to fill the void with things like food, alcohol, shopping, distractions or co-dependent relationships.

And if you want to step up, CLAIM IT and OWN IT - your true confidence, your feminine power, your full potential... Then let's talk.  ELEMENTAL is perfect for you and the doors close next week!  This is your ticket to personal freedom and finding your purpose, laid out step-by-step, body-mind-soul, sisterhood n' all.  

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Enjoy!  And looking forward to hearing from you. 

Wild grace,