30 Luscious Lessons in 30 Years

Hello beautiful! 

1/19/16... Today is a wonderful day!  I have officially made 30 revolutions around the sun.  This birthday feels like I have completed an initiation, and I am now stepping through a shimmering golden gate into the next garden of my life. 

It took me a long time to be able to look at myself in the mirror like this. 

I have so much to say about this particular birthday - the true transition from childhood to adulthood, on the other side of my Saturn Return, leaving old patterns of hiding, self-doubt and self-sacrificing behind, embracing and owning who I am, clarity in purpose, finding my tribe and SHINING my TRUTH and my LIGHT as a powerful, healing and divinely feminine force in the world. 

This year feels like...


What do you want the feeling //the vibe // the energy of your year to feel like? 

With so much overflowing from my heart today, I thought I'd share 30 luscious lessons in 30 years with you all: 

  1. Everything in life happens for you. Nothing happens to you. 
  2. Everything is energy // vibration.  You attract what you are - what matches your vibration. 
  3. The root causes of the problems that we face as humankind are (a) disconnection from our souls and (b) suppression of the feminine. 
  4. My true purpose is to love. 
  5. The answers are inside you.  Make time to go inside. 
  6. Trust your vibes.
  7. The biggest lie I ever told was convincing myself that things were working when they weren't. 
  8. The female body is an oracle.  Make time move and LISTEN to her. 
  9. My binge eating disorder was a symptom of being far from my true path and my hungry soul craving to be fed. 
  10. Beauty is a gateway to the divine. 
  11. We are all seeking love, safety and belonging. 
  12. There is a divine presence flowing through everyone and everything. 
  13. Only once I could perceive my own spirit could I see the spirit in others and all around me. 
  14. You are the faucet, not the water. 
  15. There is no "right way." 
  16. You don't have to finish what you started. 
  17. Perfectionism kills creativity. 
  18. "Creativity" is the grown up way of saying "use your imagination" or "let's play pretend."
  19. Being a conscious, awake woman is not the easy path. Waking up is disruptive and uncomfortable, but oh so worth it. 
  20. Conscious awake women are the leaders of the future.  Together we are the creators of a new way of being, living and leading.
  21. Leadership is lonely, so get on with loving yourself. 
  22. If you don't like it, change it. 
  23. You feel how you feel because part of you wants to feel that way. 
  24. The fact that you are here is proof that you are worthy. 
  25. You are worthy of your desires. (Danielle Laporte quote) 
  26. Stay in your own experience. Stop thinking about what others think of you and feel how you feel. 
  27. DECIDE there is no other option. // Don't just commit. CLAIM IT. 
  28. Surround yourself with people, things and experiences that inspire you and lift you up.  Let go of the rest. 
  29. Spirituality is a practice of coming in contact with your true power so you can create your best life that also serves the highest good of all people. 
  30. You are what you love, not what loves you. (quote from the film Adaptation)

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Sending so much shimmering beauty and love your way!