"I have been out of touch with you" (a return to ritual) // Whispers to the Universe 01:

Oscillating between effort and ease, the search for clarity, finding my authentic voice and wanting to know I'm on the "right" path.  I have a tendency to push myself, over-work and try too hard to "make it happen." Feelings of tightness in my chest, anxiety, need for more leads to over-consuming information and comparing myself to others. I feel disconnected,


Through practice of returning to myself - breath, movement, music, meditation - I make contact with my center… what is real and true for me.  


Through the practice of ritual - invocation… offering to the divine - that I move beyond my ego and stop trying to control everything.  I surrender, offer it all - my desires, visions, fears and doubts - in service to something greater and invite in guidance from universal forces.  


Humbled. Remembering I am not in control. There I unburden myself.  Release the pressure  - the story that I should be somewhere else by now.  And rest - open, saying ”use me” - listening, I take action from connection to Self and spirit.


And so, again and again I stray… and return… to myself and ritual… neglecting and nurturing my relationship with inner and cosmic intelligence.


Have a listen to Whispers to the Universe .01 - "I have been out of touch with you..."