You should envy me (and then transmute that $hit into gold)

Ok, ok, so maybe I don't actuallllly want you to envy me.  But even if you did, I'd still be OK with it. 

Let me tell you why...

This past week one of my most brilliant girlfriends came clean to me about feeling jealous.  She said that when I started to really "put myself out there" it brought something up for her, and she realized it was jealousy.  

First, I LOVE that she had the guts to say something to me.  It made me respect her even more, and it has brought us even closer.  Heck, she gave me some fun material for the latest episode of KikiTV! ;)

But what I loved the most was what it did for HER.  Find out in the video below. 

Do you compare yourself to other women who (you think) are more successful, beautiful, together, or creative than you?  I thought so

Ladies, it's time for us to transmute ENVY into GOLD for our SOUL.   On today's episode of KikiTV,  I tell you why jealousy shouldn't get such a bad rap.  

And, I give you 1, 2, 3 easy steps to use it to actually get closer to what and who you really want in your life. 


Watch the episode for the whole story. 

Wild love,