When you feel all alone...

This past week, old feelings came rearing their ugly heads back into my world - loneliness, isolation, anxiety.  

You might be able to relate.  You wake up, the weather is overcast, no one is home, you feel uneasy but don't know why.  You've taken on a lot recently and you're trying to do it all yourself... and you've got redonkulously high standards.  You feel like your closest friends are all out of town.  You don't know where to go or what to do with yourself.   

I know how it goes, especially for smart, ambitious women who are putting their heart and soul into their work.  We get really good at doing, pushing.. working... , making it happen.  Sometimes we can forget to how to be supported, how to ask for.... HELP.  We forget how to play. Who can play at a time like this?!  There's work to be done! 

Sometimes you just want to feel nurtured. Sometimes you just want to know someone is thinking of you - that you're not alone.  What's missing is LOVE, or rather, our connection to love.  And it doesn't necessarily need to be love in the form of another human, but rather to the energy of love that is around us and within us at all times.  Yes, at all times.  So when you're feeling down, the quickest way to pick yourself back up is to connect to this endless source of love. 


Here is my favorite recipe to out of that funk and back into "feelin' yourself:"


1. Go outside. Mother nature is one of the best cures for our mental insanity.  She reminds us of what is REAL.  Do you ever stop to notice how incredibly giving She is?... oxygen, food, life, beauty... And She never asks anything of us in return.  Now that's love.  Go show Her some.  

Practice: Lay on the Earth and visualize all the unwanted things you feel leaving your body and seeping down into the soil.  (Mother Earth is really great at composting.)


2. Move. Play. Music that dances you to get your swagger back, right there in your room.  (Or, go see some live music!)  

Recommendation to remind yourself of your badassness:  Nicki Minaj feat. Beyonce - "Feelin' Myself" 


3. Show your girls some love. This last one is vitally important... YOU ARE WHAT YOU SEEK.  In my previous post, I talk about receiving, and explain how it completes the cycle.  This is the other side of that coin.  Both giving and receiving are acts of love. 

Practice:  Dig around in your heart and think of any of the girlfriends who have helped you or inspired you. Send them a little note to let them know you're thinking of them.  Tapping into the wellspring of love within you will help you get in touch with your true self once again.  


Truly, thinking of all of you was the best reminder of what is real and enduring.  Thank you for being in my life. 

Wild love to you ladies,