The Nature of Receiving (& why we suck at it) - Fearless & Free Friday

Welcome back to Fearless & Free Friday!

This week I chose to share from a deeply personal experience around... RECEIVING. 

I bet you know what I'm talking about.  Things are going good for you, like real good.  And then something awesome happens - you reach a new level of success, you find an amazing guy who treats you like gold, someone wants to buy you an expensive dinner or tells you you're beautiful.  And you start thinking to yourself, "No way.  Not me. This just isn't me. I can't have this. I don't deserve this. This is too good... or what if I f*@k this up?"

Well, it just happened to me this week. I was AFRAID to ALLOW things to be EVEN BETTER. 

 << Enter struggle. >>

Things got too good, and I started LAYING ON THE BREAKS, questioning myself, worrying & felt the old story of guilt and fear creeping in. 

Watch the video to find out why we sabotage ourselves and freak out when we reach this "upper limit" when life is good.

No thanks.  I'm committed to helping all of you learn how to live with more success + fulfillment, so I decided to sit and write, and realized some pretty PROFOUND TRUTHS ABOUT RECEIVING. 

Learn why, when we DENY ourselves from receiving - goodness, self-care, nourishment, rest, money, love - we are diminishing our power and f'ing with Mother Nature.  And, while we are a slice of nature, Her forces are way smarter and more powerful than we are. 

Learn how the act and energy of receiving is intricately tied to our FEMININITY and TRUST and LOVE.  

So ladies, we all need to get a heck of a lot better at receiving if we expect to be POWERFUL yet FEMININE LEADERS in our jobs, families and communities.  

Check out the video at to get the full story. 

With deep gratitude,