This is really uncomfortable for me... (Fun, Funky) Fearless & Free Friday

Hey there - 

What is it that you really want?  What do you secretly dream of for yourself?  What do you wish your life looked like?

How do you wish you felt every day? 

Are you willing to get uncomfortable?  

Well, that is what it takes to get what you really, truly desire, deep down.  That might sound scary, but trusty me it's worth it!   I'd like to share with you a little inside scoop into how uncomfortable I've been on my path to creating a life and business I love... 

I've spent the last year living on my edge, letting go of almost everything I knew about myself, vulnerably telling my story, reimagining my life and building my business from the ground up.  Needless to say, it's been VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. 

It is particularly uncomfortable to build a business based on what ( know in my heart and my bones to be true.  There is no model or formula to follow.   There is no handbook or e-course that can tell me what to do.  There is no path to success.  There is no certification or degree that can make perfect sense of my life experiences and tell me how I am uniquely meant to SERVE in this world.  There is NOTHING SAFE or COMFORTABLE about it.  

No one can prepare you for the shit you will have to face within yourself when you leave your monthly paychecks and become an solo entrepreneur.  All of my old ideas of "who I am" and my value in the world were thrown out the window.  Step by step I have had to redefine these for myself.  FOR MYSELF.  If you ask the outside world, you will get confirmation that you are not good enough, thin enough, smart enough, strong enough, successful enough, cool enough...  

Well, I am enough.  I am more than enough.  (And I could not have said that without feeling terribly uncomfortable a year ago.)  AND SO ARE YOU. 

I find that we are all generally unprepared to to bare our souls to the world and still TRUST that we will be loved, accepted and respected.  I spent 15 years, from the time I was in middle school to my late 20's, hiding who I really was in order to feel like I "belonged" and to ensure my "success."  That was my comfort zone - living behind the mask where I didn't actually have to show you know who I really am.   I had wore a mask at work, in my relationships, even with my family.  Never letting anyone see the the real me for FEAR that they wouldn't like me. 

But there was something I couldn't hide, at least not to myself.  There was one place where I felt incredibly uncomfortable -  IN MY BODY.  Some days I wanted to crawl out of my skin! 

This FEELING in my body was my greatest signal to let me know that the way I had been living wasn't sustainable.  I simply could not be at war inside myself anymore. 

So I stepped out from behind the comfort of the mask and never looked back. 



Along the way, I have relied on a few key things to help me lean into the discomfort as my path to freedom:

1.  My spiritual practice.  I tap into inner guidance, an inner inquiry, noticing how I FEEL along the way and what wisdom, words, images arise within me, following what feels good.  I spend time in nature as a reflection of what is really "real."  She brings me peace and recharges me.  Recognizing that I am a spiritual being who is also human reminds me of the spark of divine perfection within me and everyone.  I get to look for this beautiful, loving "spark," rather than what's "wrong" with myself or others. 

2. Sisterhood.  A community of women who SEE and HEAR you without judgement and who share the same challenges, insecurities and dreams for their life is invaluable.  Somehow we lost the tradition of coming together in circle.  It heals.  It empowers.  It gives us permission to let down our guard, stop projecting an image and be loved for all of our seeming imperfections. 


So I invite you to JOIN ME for a Springtime Women's Leadership Circle this coming Tuesday, April 14 in San Francisco!  

With wild love,

Kiki Federico