Join me, Sisters. This is OUR TIME. (Fun, Funky, Fearless & Free Friday!)


Welcome back to Fearless & Free Friday where I encourage us to come together in community  to share some form of CREATION & EXPRESSIONS of beauty, art, movement, words, LOVE... photos, painting, altars, dancing, songs, poetry... anything else that comes not from head but FROM YOUR HEART!  Join the Facebook group here


This week, I have been with an amazing group of women in an Uninhibited Mastermind program with the rocking Ashley Burnett.  

I feel so much clarity stepping into my mission in this life to REDEFINE WHAT LEADERSHIP IS FOR WOMEN.  I sat in nature this morning with the intention to create something with words to share with all you powerful women who are not where you want to be - in your work, relationships, and life in general.  We are in this together.  There are those of us who are doing the work to show you a New Way of being in this world where we don't have to sacrifice who we are to be successful. 



Join me, Sisters. 

This is OUR TIME. 


Lay down your arms,

that shield you wear,

it is only a part

so you don’t have to bear

anyone seeing your heart

and the truth that’s in there.


What lies beneath

your toughened sheath

of skin and past memories?

It is all you need...


The strength of a lion,

the speed of a gun,

hidden within

is who you are to become.


No need to pretend

that there isn’t an end

to the fortified walls

you put up in defense.


When did you learn

that it wasn’t okay

to be who you are

and became hardened instead?


When did the world

show you and me

the image of who

we were to be?


And who let you see this,

slate naked and clean?

Rather than paint your own masterpiece,

you adopted a dream

from some marketing genius

or television screen.


And then you believed

it was your destiny.


And now you’ve arrived

at this very scene,

but something’s not right.

You can feel the fight,

sometimes silent, sometimes not.

A war rages on

between mind and heart.


Fearful of the glimpses

you see when you think,

“Maybe this dream wasn’t for me…”


So you run, and you hide,

and you busy your time,

so you don’t have to feel

what lies there deep inside.

An unsettling sensation

that makes itself known,

but you stuff it down,

because we both know,

the world can’t be shown.


For it is this side,

that isn’t shiny and new.

You can’t sell it or “Like” it,

like you feel you have to,

in order to be respected or “Friended” or cool.


But you can’t wait any longer

for the world to show you how

to feel balanced and radiant

and rested and well.


There are those who are listening

and learning the truth

so that you have a place

to come back to your roots,

to feel safe and supported

not crazy or weird,

to be loved and accepted

no matter what’s there.


We must turn back to hearts

and the parts we forgot,

the parts of ourselves,

that are tied up in knots.

To undo them may seem scary.

What if you fall apart?


But it’s in the un-doing

that you learn to trust

the space in between,

space you used to fill up

with meaningless stuff,

like worry and drama,

overworking and food,

drinking and people,

you couldn’t get enough.


Underneath all that action,

lies a peaceful, powerful soul.

Now, where can you find

that little girl that you know?

You know, she never did leave you

so long, long ago.


And she knows the secrets

you need revealed to you now.

There’s just too much at stake

to be too proud,

or busy, or fake.


There is something much deeper,

that you cannot ignore,

telling you something’s gotta give

and you also need more.


She is waiting for you

with an outstretched hand.

It is she who will guide you

back to the promised land

of beauty and light

where things just feel right,

where so much joy fills you up,

that it is you

who is now filling others’ cups.


It is you. It is time.

Can’t you see?

Can’t you see?


We are here together.

It is you. It is me.


Through our wisdom and love,

we reclaim femininity.

Through our presence and power

we become the women

we were always meant to be.

Join me, Sisters.

This is OUR TIME.


With wild love,

Kiki Federico