(Fun, Funky) Fearless & Free Friday! - Beautify Yo Space

Hey there! 

Welcome back to Fearless & Free Friday,  where I encourage us to come together in community  to share some form of CREATION with each other and imprint the Universe with our souls' EXPRESSIONS of beauty, art, movement, words, LOVE... photos, painting, altars, dancing, songs, poetry... anything else that comes not from head but FROM YOUR HEART!

Nothing is too small or silly... the more we share the beauty of who we are with the world, the more others feel INSPIRED, FEARLESS & FREE to do so. 

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This week I was feeling particularly inspired to hop on the Spring cleaning and beautification train. Choo choo! Closet reorganization, clothing purges, a home for my books, fresh flowers and COLOR.  

In a previous post, I shared how BEAUTY is not just a "nice to have" or some meaningless trinket.  BEAUTY IS A GATEWAY TO THE DIVINE.  Beauty ignites something deep within us that FEELS.  Use it to remind yourself of the beauty of life that is within YOU.

Our home, like our body, is a reflection of WHO WE ARE.  And when we care for it and take pride in our space, it is a reflection of caring for and taking pride in ourselves.  

Reconnect with beauty and the uplifting colors of the new season in this critical moment of the year (new moon, Equinox, eclipse).  

Have you been feeling off or sluggish?  Well it's totally normal given the big shifts happening in the stars.  

“We might call this a pivot point, a time of choosing new options and releasing the old."

We are being asked to take a look at what is holding you back, bringing you down or just killing your vibe. Write it on paper, burn it.  Toss the damn frumpy skirt and dirty underwear!

Clean the closet. Channel new, fresh, positive energy into your space so it can reflect back to you what you are now working TOWARDS. 

Here's a look at my latest creation and new happy place: 


Please share pics of your altars, happy places, artwork, flowers, crystals, or even your garden or back yard on the Facebook page!


Special thanks to our friends at Hybycozo  for the gorgeous 3D light named "Dodi" sitting on the bookshelf.

Dodi is a dodecahedron made of 12 pentagons, a Platonic solid that represents, the universe, ether, and be used as tool of meditation, expression of life and consciousness, allowing us to go beyond the vibrations of the physical body and to reconnect with the higher vibration of our true nature. The pattern that fills each pentagon panel is the flower of life, or the pattern from which all life springs forth.


Wild love and have a beautiful weekend!