Evil Urges - What Your Facebook & Sugar Addiction Can Teach You (in 4 Steps)

Don't worry.  We've all got 'em.  

They are those pesky little habits that...

- take us away from what we "should" be doing - kill our "productivity" - soothe us when we are bored - we do impulsively without thinking - make us feel like we are in a time warp - we sometimes consider "bad" habits that make us feel guilty

... Evil urges, baby!  And by that I mean, DISTRACTIONS!

I'm talking about everything from scrolling through Facebook, to watching the Kardashians, to reading People magazine, to snacking mindlessly, to drinking and doing drugs - anything and everything we do in order to NOT FEEL SOMETHING. 

I'm also talking about the stuff we actively seek out - information, experiences, conversations that WE ENJOY and FILL US UP but are NOT WHAT WE ARE "SUPPOSED to" be spending our time on. 

We know some of these things are not serving us... ahem, a box of Girl Scout Cookies to the head after dinner... ahem, obsessing over pics on Facebook that make you feel like crap...

But what if your favorite "guilty" pleasure was actually a GIFT, and one of the greatest clues to revealing your next level of guiltless pleasure, fulfillment, power and happiness? 

Well,  IT IS!  

And, I'm here to teach you how to work with these "good" and "evil" urges, and move towards truly feeling good and being the RADIANT WOMAN that you are!

Check out the video below to learn my 4-step system to revealing what your Facebook and sugar addictions can teach you. 

(I am kindly borrowing this phrase from one of the best bands making music today, My Morning Jacket. Check out this beautiful video to learn about this awesome band and their perspective on music and life.

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What evil urges are trying asking you to pay attention to them and look for the gold?? 


With wild love,