Finding Balance Doesn't Have to Feel Like Losing

Hello beautiful babes! 

I woke up literally with the word "balance" in my head, so naturally I thought to post about it.  

Finding balance can be HARD work these days...  It's something we think we "should" do or have. 

But sometimes, when we think of "balance," can fixate on what we feel we have to give up. 

We think that it's a tradeoff where we feel "less" in the end because we didn't really get what we wanted.    We just end up somewhere in the middle, like a nice shade of grey... 

And that's just kinda... BORING! 

Well, what if finding balance didn't have to feel like losing?  What if you didn't have to look at it like getting less than what you want. What if balance was actually a way to invite some spice into your life?  Sounds nice right?!

Tune in to this weeks episode of KikiTV to learn a new way of looking at balance that isn't based on the old idea of scales or "either/or." 

You'll also get a tip to easily change ONE WORD in your language that can open you up to what I call EXPANSIVE BALANCE.  

Use this little secret to create a reality with more options, opportunities and satisfaction in your life. 

Once you watch, post in the comments or reply on my Facebook page.

How do you find balance? and..

What are you saying YES to that adds to the expansive balance in your life?


With wild love,