Fearless & Free Friday - "So damn caught in the middle..."

Welcome to (Fun, Funky) Fearless & Free Fridays

To feel something and express it, purely for its own sake, is one of the most beautiful tenets of freedom.  Honoring and giving presence to what naturally wants to move up and out of us is our greatest gift to humankind.  

Here, I encourage all people to come together in community on Fearless & Free Fridays to share with each other and imprint the Universe with their souls' expressions of art, movement, words and LOVE.  

Nothing is too small or silly... the more we share the beauty of our truth with the world, the more others feel inspired and free to do so. 

When one person reveals themselves, in raw, UNINHIBITED expression, we give those around us permission to do the same - to be FEARLESS - to just be themselves. 

What do YOU LOVE? What MOVES YOU? INSPIRES YOU? PISSES YOU OFF?  What do you LONG FOR?  What makes you COME ALIVE?  

Remind yourself of this. Feel into it. Think about it. Let it take over you for just long enough to allow something raw and real and human and divine to emerge from within you.  

Surprise yourself with just how authentic and uninhibited you can be when you REVEL IN THE FULLNESS OF WHO YOU ARE.  And finally... LET US SEE IT. SHARE IT with this COMMUNITY who has been WAITING TO EXPERIENCE the REAL YOU.

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Today's video is inspired by London Grammar's song, "Strong" and the my love of of hoop dancing. 

In her ethereal voice, she sings,
"Excuse me for a while
While I’m wide-eyed
And I’m so damn caught in the middle
Have you wondered for a while
I have a feeling deep down?
You’re caught in the middle..."

These lines always make me think of where we truly are at any given point in our lives... "so damn caught in the middle." 

Modern life encourages us to think in terms of finite timelines and "goals" for what we want to have, do or be that send us rushing to "completion."  We get so caught up in our concept of "time" - too much, not enough - and then waiting for things to "start" and "end."  We become programmed to always be working to "figure out" and "get done" and find some final resolution to all of our efforts.  This rush to the a series of imaginary finish lines often comes at the expense of focusing on the actual living of our lives.  

Yet whatever mental constructs of time we place on our days, years, or even lifetime, we are always, only, in the ONE place we have ever been and where we will ever truly be - in the present moment - right smack in the middle of our past and future.  

What if we lived with awareness of the Truth that we are always in this middle-place of no endings and no beginnings?  This is the deep understanding that we are always "in the middle" of our own process.  From this vantage point, we can see a portion of the interconnectedness of our existence, like being in the center of the spider web of life at any given moment.  There is no true separation between work and "life," joy and sadness... all is woven into the great loom of existence.  With this awareness, we can feel how we are not separate from, but integral to the continuous cycles of nature, where there is no beginning and no end, merely continuations.  Birth begets death begets birthing anew.  And it is from this "middle" view that we not only gain perspective into the illusions we chase with the mind, but it also opens us up a life-view imbued with endless movement, choice and change.  

When we recognize that we are always "so damn caught in the middle," we can stop waiting to cross mental finish lines to give ourselves permission to celebrate.  We can become receptive to what has revealed itself here and now and SURRENDER to the present moment within these cycles.  We become FREE to fully enter and enjoy each moment along the path as simply the place where we ARE. 

Naturally, I chose to dance with my hoop to this song, symbolizing the endless cycles and movement inherent in life itself.  In this way, hoop dancing is incredibly meaningful and symbolic as a metaphor for life. 

This song brings me back again and again to the moments I have experienced myself as timeless and with no separation to the air, nature, or the dance flowing through me.  

Singing along to this haunting song and dancing with my hoop is a reminder of the Knowledge I have that I am truly, always in the middle of all things. 

Be where you are.

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With wild love, 

Kiki Federico