Emptiness that Awakens Part I: Dwell in the Emptiness

In her Enchanted Love Workshop, Marianne Williamson says, “There is a cosmic void, a cosmic no-thing out of which all things emerge.”  

I am at the doorstep of my own sacred pause, a moment in time to allow my old identity and its habits and structures to fall away, arriving in a new place where I have no history, no expectation, no plan to live up to or fall short of.  In a more literal sense, I am stepping out of the noise and frantic energy of San Francisco to spend some time in the fresh air, feet firmly on the earth in Mexico.  As I embark on this month-long journey, I can feel in my bones how ready I am to clear away the static, to press restart, to cleanse, to empty out all that I’ve absorbed since returning to the city by the bay.  So I am very personally connected to this idea of the void from which all things emerge, including ourselves.  It gives us the space to observe and decide which thoughts, beliefs, vision, words, actions to fill up our little lives with.  It gives us the space to look for the truest, realest version of who we are, beyond what we are willing to tell to other people.

Dwell in the emptiness:

I find myself studying and returning to emptiness as a way to then refill myself with the the fullness of who I truly am and that feeling of being joyfully alive. 

You see, this is the paradox of “emptying out” our ideas of who we think we our and our mind’s attachment to it.  This emptiness is the very thing that opens us up to the fullness of life in every moment and the truth of who we really are. 

That which is the true you exists beyond your story, titles, roles, relationships or ideas of the future.  The true you exists in the only place you have ever been or ever will be - the present moment.  When you show up fully in the present, you find a miraculous power to leave our attachment to the past, expectations and "shoulds" behind.  You become eternally new in every moment.  When you come at life "as is” (open, curious, nonjudgmental, not attached to what this moment “should” be like), it allows the true you to emerge. 

Ok, ok, maybe this is sounding a little too abstract to grasp.  Stick with me. 

When contemplating the idea of leaving what you know about yourself behind, you might be thinking, “I don’t even know who I’d be without that part of me.” 

Dwell in the emptiness. It’s OK.  It’s from this place of emptiness that a new, true sense of who you are emerges.  In this place, you get to meet yourself again and again by becoming unstuck from the unconscious patterns and ideas of who you are or what’s “wrong” with you.  (Which, for the record, you are perfect beyond measure.  Just consult science or a microscope to view the absolute miracle of evolutionary design that you are.) 

You get curious.

What I mean by “show up fully” is to arrive in each moment with all the resources available to you - your whole self.  The wholeness of who you are as a human on this planet naturally has the awareness that you are a bit more than just your body and your mind.  There is that spark of life that is no longer there when you die.  Its your spirit.  Or your soul, or life force, or whatever you feel most comfortable calling it.  It’s the thing that senses what feels good, what makes you happy, what makes you come alive.  So showing up fully, with your whole self, comes along with an intrinsic awareness of your spirit, whose qualities are infinite compassion, acceptance, openness… and yes, love.    

This emptying is the means by which we are able to then continuously arrive, fully, in the moment.  And this feels expansive. It feels like a sense of ease.

It does not suck.

The invitation is to get more comfortable giving up who we think we are, giving up the psychological habits that cause suffering in ourselves and others, and start to dwell in the emptiness...  

- Inspired by Marianne Williamson's Enchanted Love Workshop 

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3!

With wild love,