See through the eyes of beauty. Beauty is a gateway to the divine.

Allow yourself to see beauty and through the eyes of beauty. 




a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.


There are obvious moments of beauty, such as when you're standing on the beaches of Tulum straight up under an end-to-end double freakin' rainbow.  (What?! I know...)  This is the kind of beauty that makes everyone pause and reflect.  

For a moment we get out of our heads, our drama and stress. We remember the greatness of life on Earth.  

We feel something.   


What exactly is that feeling we get when we experience beauty?  

Why do we crave it and pay so much for it?


"It's not that we see beauty. We feel beauty. Beauty is a felt sense. Beauty is a feeling that wakes up the divinity coming alive within us... The beauty that we see is simply a reflection of the beauty that we are."

- Elayne Kalila Doughty


These  breathtaking scenes captivate anyone with eyes. 

For a moment we are suspended in beauty, until the realization that this is the perfect Facebook photo op. 

Photo courtesy of Art Gimbel, Fest300

Photo courtesy of Art Gimbel, Fest300

But, then the rainbow fades, the vacation is over, we fly home, jostling bus rides, city sirens, we get back on our computers, read endless emails, commutes, parking tickets, hustle for meetings, burn the toast... And soon we forget how beautiful it was.  How beautiful it is.  How beautiful we are. 

How can you practice making the mundane acts of "doing" in this material world an experience of beauty?  

Furthermore, why even bother to "presence" beauty around you?


Because beauty is a gateway to the divine. 

Because we forget, and beauty helps us remember.


Remember what exactly? 

The presence of beauty anchors us in the moment and conjures up a feeling of expansiveness and awe.  It just feels good!  Beauty opens and awakens something within us at a spirit level. In this way, it is a reminder of the "more to life" that we all crave and pay so much for when we go on vacation.  Why not bring this into our daily lives?  In a world of post Industrial Revolution "productivity" and "efficiency" we weren't taught about the true value of beauty. 

Beauty helps us to "take a moment" and remember our own divinity within this human experience.  


"When you choose to see through the eyes of beauty, you will unlock the keys to how life becomes sacred through every moment.

Making sacred means to recognize the interaction of our mundane lives and our spiritual being, and to have them meet, touch, greet and embrace one another... the path of being human and divine at the same time."

- Elayne Kalila Doughty

When we forget our true, divine nature, when we live only in the mundane, human, busy, to-do lists, should's and have-to's, we forget the other side.  And then we try to make up for the lack of beauty in our lives with an expensive vacation that only lasts so long. 


What if we felt the overwhelming presence of beauty everyday? 


"Sacred practice and ritual is what does that because we all forget." 

- Elayne Kalila Doughty

Beauty can exist consistently in our lives. Make time for it. Surround yourself with it. See it. Bring it into your interactions and environment... Invite beauty and presence into everyday moments to awaken it within you.  

Keep it simple. 
Light a candle flame as a symbol of the light within you. 
Place a flower on your desk. 
Play music that moves you while you're cooking.  Take a dance break.  Sing out loud.  
Walk outside and observe with the trees, tilt your head up to the sky or gaze at the undulating water. 


We might not think of these moments as "sacred practices" or rituals but they are if we intend them to be. 

"What makes something a ritual is the intention that you put behind it."

- Elayne Kalila Doughty

When we view our actions as rituals, the way in which we do things changes.  This is working with intention.  

I like to view intention as a "sacred desire."   And so this intention does not come from the place of the mind or the ego to "get what it wants."  Intention comes from the heart.  What do you really want to cultivate in your life?  What will bring you strength, peace, or creativity? 

So when you light that candle, don't just "light the damn candle" like you're trying to get it out of the way.  Light it as a symbol of the flame in your heart or the spark of life within you.  Allow it to become a sacred ritual of beauty that continues to flicker on your desk as you work.  Allow it to to calm you and please your senses, but also serve a reminder - of your spirit and the spirit of your awakening sisters.


And then everything shifts...


If we surround ourselves with beauty as a ritual and make time to infuse beautiful self-expression rituals into our lives, we naturally become more present and fall into grace - whether it's rearranging our desk, writing an email or doing the laundry.  We no longer feel like we are pushing so hard, rushing, stressing, disconnected from our beautiful, sensual essence as women. 

I invite you to create just one beauty ritual in your day to help your mundane, human life and your spirit dance with each other every day. 

We can infuse our everyday activities with sacred practice and rituals of beauty to help us remember - we are more than just this human form.  

We are divine.  

The feeling of our divine presence is just a moment of beauty away. 


This post is inspired by the beautiful and wise Elayne Kalila Doughty and her interview from Woman Unleashed with Amber Kuleimailani Brown