Emptiness that Awakens Part III: Entering space. Filling up. Waking up.

Continued from Part II...


Thankfully some of us are gifted with people or situations in life that force us to contemplate, "there has got to be something more to life than this."  Sometimes things just have to be that bad before we will start to really pay attention

Some of us just get it that we can choose a fulfilling, peaceful, joyful life. 

Entering space.  Filling up.  Waking up. 

So you start the search, seeking what that life looks and feels like.  What is it to be in the “more to life?"

Naturally, you start with what is not working, who we are not.  The more you strip away, the closer you get to empty. 

"Who am I without my _____ ?" (insert habit, persona, title, name here) 

Then, we enter space.


This is a process of peeling away the layers, digging deeper to reveal what’s at the core of who you are.  This is a personal quest to arrive at some answer, some clarity, strength, joy, peace, aliveness that was once missing, so that you may discover what will truly make you satisfied.  Who am I truly?  Why the hell am I even here? 

This is awakening - to stop sleepwalking through life and get to the truth, of which there is only one, yours. 

And then, you begin to (you desire to) fill yourself up from the inside with truth, not junk (junk food, reality TV, plastic, trends, sugar, buzz, small talk, keeping up appearances, shiny shiny, don’t offend anyone, Wal-mart, politics, sugar, Facebook).  

Something miraculous happens. 

Enter spirit. 

You begin to see through the bullshit.  You learn to tell the difference between what you desire, what is meaningful and what you’ve been told to care about.  You realize that practically none of the “learning” you did in school was designed to help you answer the question, "who am I?" but rather, “how do I get a good job?”  You realize that you’ve been gearing up to enter the system, play the game of capitalism, consumerism, work, spend, money, burnout, escape, chase, strive, compare, not enough, oh, and only put the good stuff online.  

You learn to think & feel for yourself.  You remember that you are more than just flesh and blood and thoughts.  You learn that you don’t control the vast majority of the process occurring in your body and that a gut feeling is a real, deep form of intelligence.  You finally get it - "I'm a fucking miracle of creation!" (seriously!) 

You start to get clear on who you are and what you really want.  You learn that being true to yourself is the greatest gift to yourself (and the world), and it’s more important than anyone else’s approval or even their love

You appreciate the clarity.  You start respecting, appreciating, caring for and believing in yourself, because you want to. 

You learn what is meaningful and what is just a distraction or a temporary thrill that you will be recovering from for the next few days.  You begin to create relationships and an environment that reflects that truth of "who am I really?” and the beauty in this world.  You surround yourself with people, things, work, experiences that have meaning

The truth (for me) is that awakening is where it's at!  (Real talk.)

You become strikingly aware of your ability choose your experience in any and every moment. 

You start listening to and trusting your intuition. 

Your relationships deepen, expand and become more fulfilling. 

You look and feel better, and your health improves on all levels. 

You become receptive and stronger. 

You feel your personal power in every moment. 

Your sex life gets better (especially women). 

You stop apologizing for who you are and worrying about impressing people or making sure everyone likes you. 

You do things you care about and stop wasting time doing things you "should" or just because the people around you are. 

You face your fears and face way less disappointment. 

You get closer to your purpose and know why you wake up everyday. 

You access and express your innate creativity.

You trust yourself and your ability to create the life you truly desire. 

You experience more beauty, pleasure and fun! 

So who’s in?! 

Still not sure?  Stay tuned for Part IV tomorrow...

With wild love, 

Kiki Federico