Emptiness that Awakens Part II: It's up to you.

It’s up to you.

What is happening within you will always be the greatest determining factor in your experience of life.  Why is it then that we are so focused on what’s going on around us?  We act as if what’s out there holds the keys to all our deepest desires. 

The rising sun, the dawning of each new day, is a powerful time of new beginnings and possibilites.  It reminds us of our freedom. 

The rising sun, the dawning of each new day, is a powerful time of new beginnings and possibilites.  It reminds us of our freedom. 

In some ways, we've been tricked for generations, developing deep societal “norms” and pathways to “success” that shape who we think we are and how we should act.  But the model is flawed.  It’s founded on others approving of you, falling in line, following trends, not questioning the status quo, consumerism, capitalism.  Keep watching the screen. Keep buying stuff.  Keep working. 

In other ways, we trick ourselves because we know that peace, happiness and fulfillment don’t come with a tag on it (physical or virtual). 

But isn’t doing the work to reframe the lens through which we see the world hard? 

Is that the hold up?!  Too hard? Too much time? (Reality check - this life’s work - so forget about time.)

First, it takes willingness.  And it takes effort, which is why those who embark on the path of self-discovery usually come from a place of suffering, darkness or some other situation forcing them to look in the mirror and make a change, at least for their own benefit.  Whether it’s a breakup, losing someone they love, a soul-sucking job, injury or addiction, the lucky ones take the chance to snap out of it

A beautiful side effect of refining your inner world is gaining the capacity to see such “terrible” events as gifts, or in the case of the unexpected, gift bombs

Damn.  You mean I have something to learn from this shitty situation? YEP!  Welcome to the New World Order folks! 

It’s up to you to get what you want and need out of life. 

Or, you can choose to stay in the "woe is me, people just don’t get me or like me, I hate my body, things would be better if only” mentality. 

Slave to the ego. Riding the struggle bus. 

Now, don’t get me wrong.  The struggle is real, whether you get excited about evolving as a human or not.  But the path of embracing that you have a spirit provides a whole hell of a lot of relief, coping skills and good feelings along the way.  It reminds you of your true nature, that part of you that exists (and thrives for that matter) outside the realm of things that "happen to" you and daily drama or your to-do list. 

I also get that the existing systems at work know damn well just how suckered by immediate gratification we are.  We are human after all.  There is great power in preoccupation, comfort and chemically-engineered pleasure.  It keeps you from asking too many questions, keeps you striving, purchasing and clicking away to keep up or chase a fleeting feeling

But what’s the end game in that scenario? 

A lifetime of hours worked, TV shows watched, credit card debt, processed foods eaten, health problems and relationship drama…? 

But I posted a hell of a lot of selfies and pictures of food!  See?  Everyone!? I made it!  Right?! But... wait... don’t post that picture of me. I look fat...    Hmm. 

Thankfully some of us are gifted with people or situations in life that force us to contemplate, "there has got to be something more to life than this."  Sometimes things just have to be that bad before we will start to really pay attention

And then, some of us just get it that we can choose a fulfilling, peaceful, joyful life. 

YOU have to choose.  And you can.  Right now.  This is what they talk about when they say that "the power lies in the present moment."

With wild love, 


Stay tuned for part 3!