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Hi there! 

Are you feeling dull, lost, stuck, unmotivated?  Or disconnected from yourself or the people around you?  Maybe you've been questioning your job, social scene or relationships lately.  

I would love to spend the afternoon with you to help you feel clear and at peace... and get your radiant sparkle back! 

In this 90-minute intuitive coaching session, you will receive all of my love, attention and guidance to help you feel good in your body, find your voice and your truth, get clear on a decision and walk away with actions & practices to implement. 

Here are just some of the things we can talk about: 

  • body/body image
  • lifestyle/wellness
  • desires/vision
  • career/purpose/direction
  • relationships/friendships
  • self-doubt/inner-critic
  • self-image/identity 
  • confidence/leadership 
  • spiritual development

You can expect the call to include guided practices like: 

  • transformational coaching 
  • meditation/visualization
  • movement/embodiment 
  • mantras 
  • journaling questions 
  • daily practices for your routine

I hold a safe container to "go there" and get really real.  So while you can expect some serious love you also get no BS. 

Are you ready to stop dimming your light and ignite your spark? 

Let's do this! 





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What clients are saying: 


Kiki's style is warm, accessible and authentic. At the same time, she brings in a ton of wisdom from her own personal experiences, coaching others, and her studies and certifications. She knows her shit and helps you get right to the heart of the matter and to take meaningful action. She's highly engaged and personally invested in everyone she works with. If you're working with Kiki, get ready to be brought into the present moment, get insightful guidance, feel supported and encouraged, and have fun doing it.

-- Madeline K, Marketing Manager at Google


This work helped me slow down and stop stressing about the big picture.  I created astrong and sacred relationship with my body; I'm now able to listen and receive her wisdom and guidance. I found clarity in how I want to feel, letting that guide what I want to do. Stemming from that, I found direction in what I want to do, tying it to the purpose/mission I identified through this work.

 I feel much more confident in calling out my purpose in life. I have direction for how to follow that purpose. I have significantly less self-doubt and worry. I am trusting in my intuition and the universe and feel more authentic and true to myself. I feel like I've finally come into a genuine space of self-love which has affected my life in so many ways.  

-- Teagan T, Events & PR Manager + Founder & Director at Thompson Ranch Retreats


Kiki helped us work from the inside out to discover what we desire in life and use that to guide our daily life choices.  

 I feel so in alignment with my true self. I know who I am and what I want and I am in the process of getting it; motivated, moving forward with a team of women to back me up.  I feel confident in my feminine, divine self.  I recently started a relationship with a man who sees me and cares for me unconditionally. I feel that I now attract the energy that I am.  

-- Martine Meyer, Holistic Nutritionist