brand strategy & culture consultant


Who I am:

I am not one thing.  I am a catalyst, chameleon, community-builder, strategist, dancer, poet, facilitator, bridge-builder...

I create art, design experiences, build human networks and develop strategy to connect brands with opportunities to create an positive impact in the lives of women.  Check out some of my past projects.

I believe it is no surprise that we are experiencing explosive, global growth in technology, meditation, personal development, women's empowerment, environmental sustainability, social justice and cannabis happening at the same time. 

I prefer to play in the revolutionary cross-hairs of these movements, with teams moving humanity forward through business design, innovation and shared experiences. 

My core mission is to connect humans more deeply to themselves, each other and their work, and to discover business opportunities for brands to grow towards social impact - so we can co-create a more honest, just and sustainable future. 



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