I play at the edges, use my voice to advocate for others and make deals in directions that positively shift culture. 

I deliver strategies and architect partnerships to accelerate growth and performance through investment, technology, organizational design, physical spaces and events, and leading public discourse.

My clients are teams that think on behalf of the collective and build businesses to support human and Earth’s thriving. Ultimately, it is our collective mission to build relationships and business models that the next generation will iterate upon in order to solve systemic global challenges.

A brief history:

After six years in automation technology sales at Siemens (IoT in energy x smart buildings), I left to build a coaching and consulting practice focused on women's leadership.  I recognized a massive gap in the education and experiences afforded to women and sought to illumine paths to navigate life with a more integrated and feminine intelligence. 

Transitioning from the "systems and structures" of the external, built environment to the interior, human realm ultimately led me to pioneer women's movements and culture-change programs in arenas such as music festivals and Silicon Valley’s tech startups.  In a pre-Women's March world, I saw both the social and business imperative to get in front of a rising tide that would only heighten the importance of female perspectives in how we design companies, products, brands and cultural rituals. 

Amidst a digital revolution that is both dividing us and bringing us closer together, my focus shifted from women to the human element of business and developing people in places of power who are the designers of our collective future.  I oversaw brand strategy, strategic partnerships and sponsorships for a consulting and media platform leading the conversation around the future of work. 

Currently, I am driving strategy and partnerships to build ecosystems bridging media, entertainment, travel, cannabis and blockchain.


"Work is love made visible." - Khalil Gabran