culture consultant // life coach // experience designer


Who I am:

I am not one thing.  I am a fire-starter, chameleon, community-builder, strategist, dancer, poet, facilitator, bridge-builder...

I create art, design experiences, make connections and develop strategy with individuals + companies to change the conversation and elevate women, consciousness and culture.  Check out some of my past projects.

I believe it is no surprise that we are experiencing explosive, global growth in technology, meditation, personal development, women's empowerment, environmental sustainability, social justice and cannabis happening at the same time. 

I prefer to play in the revolutionary and consciousness-raising cross-hairs of these movements, with teams moving humanity forward through shared experience. 

My core mission is to connect people more deeply to themselves, each other, their work and the Earth so we can co-create a more honest, harmonious, meaningful and sustainable future. 


A little more on what I do: 

After a fruitful six years in construction tech sales, my most recent work has been designing experiences and building communities of women with a focus on personal and professional development, empowerment, embodiment, wellness, meditation, ritual.  I enjoy bringing people together and being a "bridge-builder" between companies, communities and ideas.  I also throw a monthly dance party and write + perform (slightly provocative) poetry. 

Consulting:  I develop creative strategy, communications, partnerships + leadership programs for forward-thinking companies and agile teams who want to grow female talent or target markets.

Coaching: I work with open-minded, ambitious women who want to feel more confident to be themselves, make a greater impact, deepen their spiritual connection and grow their leadership skills. 

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